AC Unity: does the time anomalies trailer visit WWII?

Pixel Dynamo take a look at the latest time anomalies trailer for Assassin's Creed Unity and discuss what time period it is that Arno finds himself in, as well as discussing other possibilities such as alternate timelines.

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Fizzler1448d ago

Can't wait to assassinate Sean Devlin.

Hipp01448d ago

This made me chuckle, kudos!

iamnsuperman1448d ago

Assassin's Creed has done so fairly dumb rubbish over the course of the series but this takes the biscuit. I am a big fan of the series but what is this. It would make sense if this "mechanic" had been hinted at in previous games but it hasn't.

Talk about jumping the shark

Fizzler1448d ago

It's not Ubisoft's fault, it's just a glitch in the animus!

Hipp01448d ago

Although I know that this new idea could fail horribly, I also think there's a pretty good chance it could add some really intriguing gameplay.

I don't think they could have hinted at it as it's not like it's a new feature, the trailer states that the simulation fails. Maybe Erudito are up to something?

markyboy21811448d ago

how can people not like this?? it,ll freshen up the whole experience ,,,, climb a buiding ...activate it rinse repeat repreat repeat !!! find a target ...tail hide in a bush...tail hide in bush ...kill... rinse repeat repeat repeat !!!! i was never interested in this game ... now it looks the best one yet much rather have this then haveing to sit through a another dull cut scene with boreing diaolouge

WeAreLegion1448d ago

I'm sure they'll throw in tons of time anomalies and see which ones the community reacts well to. Then, make an AC game based in those timelines. I hope so, at least.

WeAreLegion1448d ago

Also, I forgot to add this, but I hope they nail the atmosphere of WWII in Paris. The Saboteur was excellent!

hazelamy1448d ago

now that, actually has me interested.

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