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Mr Pumblechook1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise. Another six year old game. Woo hoo!

Neither PlayStation Plus or Games with Gold have anything spectacular in November. But maybe both Microsoft and Sony know that with all the big releases coming out they can save the better free games for the quieter months because gamers are going to be too busy playing games like GTA V, Halo:MCC, LBP, Dragon Age, etc.

Abash1546d ago

Man some people were complaining about the November PlayStation Plus releases, but compared to Games wth Gold this month, it actually looks a ton better. I can't believe how stingy Microsoft is being this month

bleedsoe9mm1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

volgarr the viking looked really cool when the showed it at E3 . still its shocking that ms hasn't matched sony's 2 next gen games per month .

AngelicIceDiamond1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

@Bash how many will actually care if SSOD, MCC and COD AW are coming?

Pretty sure Xbox fans won't care as much.

darthv721546d ago

Heck...Im down for some trouble in paradise. I liked the original VP and never played this one. Can't argue with the price.

nX1546d ago

^Well you can play these games after November as well... Sony offers brand new games at least.

XanderZane1546d ago

They both suck. PS+ just has more games that suck, that's all. lol!! I don't have VivaPinata:TiP, so I'll at least get to check that out. On the PS+ side, I wanted Escape Plan and Luftrausers. So even though the pickings are slim, I have a few games to test out for free.

MeliMel1546d ago

STINGY? You make it seem like MS needs to give you better games. Theyre FREE, either you like it or you dont, but you cant complain about something FREE. Make you look petty.

Midane1545d ago

Yeah, some indie crap once again. Nothing against indie games, but not that much into it. Still, MS offered 50% discount on Titanfall which seems like a nice deal for late adopters. Me included. Titanfall at 25$ + 3 DLC for only 6.25$ is a no brainer for Xbox One owners who are into FPS.

walkincarpet1545d ago

with Destiny and Sunset Overdrive out and Halo coming in two weeks, not to mention other games like Forza, Spark, and Fantasia if that's your thing, I don't think most X1 players will have time to play freebies anyway. I still haven't finished guacemelee and it is one my favorite games. But every time I sit down on the couch I have to choose between playing it or playing Destiny with my buds on the best gaming network with the best controller and Destiny always wins just as the other games I mentioned will win. Unless you are playing every day the free games don't mean anything to X1 gamers... too many good AAA games.

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AngelicIceDiamond1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

You said it.

We're in the middle of gaming season MS or Sony won't give away newer games considering majority will be playing FH2, SSOD, COD, Halo MCC, AC Unity, Farcry, LBP, TLOUS, etc.

Just like you said they're saving the good stuff for a slower month.

As for the selection. Not really bad but old. That indie looks like it could be fun I guess but I'm focused on trying to buy these games this season than worry about the free ones.

Ra30301546d ago

Where as you make a great point waiting for "slower months". IMO Microsoft let a opportunity pass. With the recent releases of FH2, Sunset Overdrive And upcoming MCC and knowing what the Sony free games where they could have taken it to Sony by giving something special away and they didn't. Microsoft needs all the help they can get and with the bad press coming to Microsoft with the Destiny DLC and Microsoft calling those xbox gamers that want a refund "liars" and "fraudulent" .....they need all the help they can get.

HaveAsandwich1546d ago

steamworld dig is the best free game in nov though.

Pogmathoin1546d ago

Oh my gosh.... Free games... how terrible! Really guys?

Jaqen_Hghar1546d ago

After all the bashing PS+ has taken for their free offerings a man thinks a little crow for playstation haters is justified just to emphasize that it is not being overshadowed in the slightest which is what was being implied when PS+ revealed its games this month

d0x3601546d ago

Age aside viva pinata and red faction are excellent games. I'd prefer those over more indie shclock any day. If I want to play an indie game I'll buy it. There are now 8 million of them and 99.9% of them are gimmicky borefests.

3-4-51546d ago

Volgar looks legit, but they've only had one new game each of the past two months, while keeping 1-2 the same for XB1.

It's free so no complaint here, but in all honestly, I think even they know they could offer more.

k3rn3ll1545d ago

I like that that free game has been a brand spanking new game though. That's always legit.

1546d ago
GamingSinceThe80s1546d ago

Viva pinata 2 TIP is still $28 used at Gamestop so there is still a lot of value in it at least even being 6 years old.More so than many games only a year or less old.

trywizardo1546d ago

actually i didn't play viva piniata nor red faction , so to me and to other people like me , its awesome
mean while the X1 game really sucks xD

Cueil1546d ago

VP:TiP is a good effing games

Fanci1545d ago

Viva Pinata is a sweet game, not sure what you're talking about. Addicting as hell.

madmonkey011545d ago

ps plus used to be good when it was about the games, now they know they can get people to pay for it to play online, they dont need to put out good games.

frezhblunts1545d ago

They usually don't pumblechook because someone like can't look forward to indie games

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Blastoise1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Microsoft had a chance to top the appalling PS+ November offerings and they blew it. Garbage all round.

MS and sony need to get their act together, these are mandatory services that make them a lot of money, its time they put some of that money back into it

Disagree all you want, these are multi million dollar companies getting away with giving the bare minimum

DanielGearSolid1546d ago

Honestly... if i were sony or ms i would stop the free games programs

You ppl are too spoiled now

Blastoise1546d ago

Free games? Free games that I pay for?

Stop spoiling me Sony!

tinynuggins1546d ago

Seriously, it's like a little kid complaining that he wants a bigger candy bar than the one you gave him.

Blastoise1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

I remember when we used to get games like Catherine, Demon's Souls, Metal Gear Rising, Resogun, Outlast, Tomb Raider, Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Disgaea, Unit 13, DmC, Battlefield 3, Dragons Crown, Dead Space, Little Big Planet Karting, Uncharted 3 & Infamous 2.

Now we get games like Joe Danger, Escape Plan & Steamworld dig, despite the Playstation brand being in a better position than ever. Apparently me calling out the blatantly obvious nose-dive in quality is me being a complaining kid who wants a bigger candy bar.

Highlife1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

I completely agree I pay for ps+i have been overwhelmed by the amount of free games to many to even play. Frankly I think it's kids who don't even pay for the service to begin with that complain. Everything is given to them. Go out and earn it.

@blast. That's fine you can complain out you can save your money and don't be a member like someone said below this is a network service with free games thrown in not the other way around.

andibandit1546d ago

Yeah the games are mostly crap, regardless of the price.

Cueil1546d ago

also to be fair you get to keep the Xbox 360 games

MRMagoo1231545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )


Also to be fair who would want to the games are years old not just a couple but years.

Alsybub1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )


Sony used to offer better games because they needed to justify PS+ to people. Now that PS+ is a requirement and the position that they are in, being the most popular platform, they don't really have a motivation to burn money any more. I'm certain that they offered better games, intentionally, as a loss leader to build up PS+ as a service and convert people to a paid model. Now that the transition to paid service is complete they'll begin to retract that.

Stands to reason. If they could they'd take it away right now but that would have everyone reaching for their pitch forks, the next best thing is to just offer the cheapest games possible. After all, I'm sure they must have to pay the devs for every copy downloaded. Eventually no one will be bothered with it and Sony will be able to quietly retire the policy and then MS will probably follow. That'll be a few years yet, I'd imagine.

After all, it is a business.

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Volkama1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Maybe they are putting some money back into it. Where it's needed. Maybe Sony are putting it towards infrastructure and Driveclub servers, and Microsoft are... I dunno, probably rubbing themselves with the cash or something.

Personally I would rather they dropped the free games completely rather than keep throwing us token indie games though. I can buy my own indie games if they interest me. This one does not.

Death1546d ago

Live is a match making service. Plus is a game subscription service. "Free" games for Live subscribers is not an integral part of the service and not what the service advertises itself to be. Plus advertises itself as a game subscription service. You pay $50 a year for the "free" downloadable games. Their online infrastructure as far as multiplayer is concerned is a separate entity and "free" to use as long as you subscribe to the free games. This is why free game selection has higher expectations on the Playstation and server reliability and feature set take a back seat.

Alsybub1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )


Correction, PS+ WAS a game subscription service to motivate PS3 owners to move to a paid service in order to to condition and prepare them for the paid model that they intended to implement on PS4. It's worked and will gradually be phased out. PS+ is now a subscription service for online gaming.

It's understandable, there was no way that Sony could offer free online gaming forever and I think they transitioned to paid service in the best way they possibly could have. After all, one of the biggest arguments for PSN over LIVE was that it was 100% free , they couldn't possibly have switched to paid over night without getting a huge backlash from gamers and the press. I don't think for a moment that it wasn't their intention from the inception of PS+.

Now the problem they have is that people will be far more critical when the service is down. We all used to say that you couldn't really complain about PSN being down because it was so good that it was free. Of course, it will get better as time goes on.

ramiuk11546d ago

so what your saying is for your £3 a month fee u should be given £50-£100 worht of games??

get a grip of reality.

i would rather them keep giving indies and use the profits towards network etc.
it will be mid next year till we get full ps4 games imo.

Death1546d ago

Free games and higher network reliability would be perfect for gamers. I'd settle for a more reliable network and better features though if I had to choose. I am capable of buying my own games, but I'm not so sure I could make a better network.

NeoGamer2321546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

People have misunderstood this since the start of PSN+ free games...

This is not a free games service with the network services thrown in.

It is network services with free games thrown in.

Sony misled gamers with PSN+... They couldn't get anyone to pay for their network services so they started to give away free games each month to hook people on.

MS was up front from the start. These networks are very expensive to create and maintain, so they charged for the service from the start.

Now, that both have moved online gaming behind the pay wall, they don't have to offer the quality of games as they did before. And they aren't.

People need to understand what they are really paying for here.

Death1546d ago

I respectfully disagree. Sony had stated with the PS3 they wouldn't charge for online gameplay. In order to keep their promise they needed to substitute charging for online play with something else. They sold the service as an optional game subscription service. This is why you can play online with your PS3 for free. If we were paying for the network services as you suggest, non-subscribers wouldn't be able to play without a subscription.

The only announced change with the PS4 is the game subscription service is mandatory if you want to play online. The additional revenue was to create a more "robust" online gaming experience. Unless it was a translational error, I think they missed the mark by definition. http://www.merriam-webster....

Jaqen_Hghar1546d ago

So giving you the choice to pay for online for over a decade and still having less restrictions gets you nothing? None of that matters? Sony was upfront from the start because they said exactly when it would be required for online play. It's not like they made PS3 online or vita mandatory for online play. Apps are still free and F2P Games are still free online. They told you exactly what it's for

NeoGamer2321546d ago

The first problem is believing anything that any company has to say about "why" they do something. The reality is that Sony promised not to charge for online gaming for PS3 and then realized that it was getting too costly not to charge for it. Rather than just sucking it up and taking the publicity punch the marketing geniuses offered up free games as a service in which they redirected much of the money back to the network services.

Also, I cannot believe how Sony talked that they needed the additional revenue this gen to make the network service more robust. So far this generation Sony have left gamers off their network with capacity and DDoS issues more than they did last gen (with the exception of their multi-week outage) so where is the money really going?

They were honest about requirements for online in both gens, but with the PS3 they were not honest about where the money for PSN+ was going. They sold people that they were paying for free games, but needed money to fund their network services. This generation they've finally come clean... And the realities of the network services infrastructure are keeping them from being able to give away third party retail games. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that... People just have to realize that PSN+ is about network services and not free games anymore...

All I am doing is calling a spade a spade... Anyone that thinks that any company gives you the truth all the time is just plain dumb. They say what they have to say to get the money they need/want... MS, Sony, Nintendo are all the same.

Alsybub1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )


After replying to your previous post I'll reply to this one too.

The marketing for PS+ really worked on you. It was obvious from the start that switching to a paid online gaming service was the objective. It was never hard to read between the lines and it was completely understandable they would need to do it eventually.

My previous posts, further up, goes into much greater detail as to why.

I have to say that I never realised that people thought it was any other way, since it was so obvious. We were all compensated for the switch with the free games. We couldn't really complain and I will be quite happy in the long run, once the service is suitably stable.

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lelo2play1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Have to agree with you. Another golden opportunity wasted by Microsoft.

Both PS+/PS4 and XBLAGold/X1 "offerings" are underwhelming.
Sony doesn't need to offer anything better since the PS4 is selling like crack.
... but Microsoft could and should do much better XBLA Gold "offerings". They could at least try to improve X1's sales.

Looks like both companies (Sony and Microsoft) are in a competition to see which has the worse offerings. Honestly, it would be better if they just stopped with these crap "giveaways". What's the point in offering games that hardly anybody wants to play?

the_dark_one1546d ago

"Disagree all you want, these are multi million dollar companies getting away with giving the bare minimum"- correction... they are not entitled to give you more then that. you make a subscription already knowing that some of the games could be not you cup of tea. they never NEVER said that they would only give you AAA games, eventually they will come, but until then you have 2 choices 1- deal with it 2- cancel your sub

HarryMasonHerpderp1546d ago

What's with the multi million dollar company defence force?
I'm signed up to Playstation Plus and i agree there has been a bit of a decline in AAA games for the PAID service. The emphasis is on the word PAID service (DanielGearSolid and tinynuggins).
I've been a member for the past 5 years now, I don't mind the odd indie game here and there but it seems as though Sony are now using indie games as filler. The PS4 is god awful at the moment, where's Killzone? Assasins Creed 4? Wolfenstein? there have been plenty of AAA games for Sony to use for the PAID service.
PS+ was a hard sell for Sony at first and boy did they turn it around by using top quality games and discounts. It seems that now that everyone has to pay for PS+ to play online, that Sony aren't trying anymore because they already have your cash.

DaleCooper1546d ago

It's refreshing to see someone NOT state that these games are free! Like you said, they are part of a PAID service.

People have the right to complain if they aren't getting the value they feel is right for the service.

They also have the right to drop the service, though now that it's tied to multiplayer, Sony has us right where they want us -- hence, the drop in quality games that come with the service.

k3rn3ll1545d ago

Deals for these games are made with publishers weeks in advance. You can't scrap a contract like that. They gave me a free game the day it comes out. That's pretty sweet

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Samsara821546d ago

yeah i think they are both keeping better and bigger games for quieter months...when i saw the choice of games I was dissapointed but after thinking of how many games i have to play right's ok....

IVanSpinal1546d ago

I dont need the GWG.
I pay for Gold because of the Dedicated Servers

Hellsvacancy1546d ago

You pay for Gold so you can play online, there's no disguising it

AutoCad1546d ago

i pay it so i can play everyday without downtime

DeadlyOreo1546d ago


There it is. I was waiting for the first silly fan boy comment. And look at those agrees paha.

Truth is you'd be paying it regardless of if it had a couple of hours of down time each month or so (maximum). Don't be silly.

ThanatosDMC1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Hahaha... I remember when p2p was the thing fanboys touted. Justifying it by saying that at least the server will never go down. Now, talking as if dedicated servers are the newest and shiniest thing that MS offer as if Playstation and PC games never had it. Hilarious.

I dont see darth72 and his BS here.

AngelicIceDiamond1546d ago

Well FH2 release perfectly with the cloud servers. Might I add SSOD 8 player online component is also works flawlessly I don't experience drops or anything.

My comment here.

Dedicated servers aren't the newest thing but its nice when a company dedicates its games and services to it to make your online experiences a hell of allot better and smoother.

ThanatosDMC1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )


That's great and all but wtf that does have to do with my reply to IVanSpinal? Is it your troll account?

I'm not bashing dedicated servers at all since I'm used to using it.

Dudebro901546d ago

All great games. Good month.