Bayonetta 2 is proof Japan’s oddity is still more than welcome across the rest of the globe

'Japan is undeniably weird. It is a land where norms are thrown out of the window and creativity rules. This somewhat untraditional culture leaks into the very essence of the countries’ video game industry. Almost every title is built on the oh so Japanese foundation of fun and ingenuity. Throughout the 90’s this unique creativity was valued across the globe culminating in some truly revolutionary titles that have since grown into some of the biggest franchises in the industry. Resident Evil, Final Fantasy and Street Fighter to name just a few have all grown into leviathans and market leaders within their respective genre.

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Loadedklip1501d ago

What's funny is that it doesn't seem like Japan cares for Bayonetta at all.

But yes I beleven the japan studios need to do what they use to do. Don't try to copy the western game design and I guarantee they will succeed in the west for the most part.

bouzebbal1500d ago

japanese are nothing but fanboys of some IPs.
you give them anything labelled Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest and you are sure to break the million+ sales.
not surprising that japanese gaming is dying (if not already dead)

kingdomtriggers1500d ago

Not sure why you got all the disagrees, its true. I am struggling to find out how bayonetta 2 does not appeal to the Japanese. It doesn't make any sense. Then again, lightning is their favorite final fantasy character of all time, so that kinda gives some perspective lol

bouzebbal1500d ago

well people mentally limited always prefer to disagree rather than saying why and making the discussion more interesting.
Bayonetta flopped, Vanquish flopped, Resonance of Fate flopped, Valkyria Chronicles flopped, Legend of Dragoon flopped, Shenmue flopped, Star Ocean flopped, Tales of never broke that million or even half million bar... but FFXIII was a great success.
no one wants to take risks release something new and refreshing over there. no surprise developers are very conservative cause as soon as a game succeeds they make 100 sequels of it.

3-4-51500d ago

It's more a social issue.

Too many older people LOOK DOWN on people who are 20+ years of age and still play games.

It's a form of arrogance by their older citizens, which then gears all the games towards 10-15 year olds.

mamotte1500d ago

"Bayonetta 2 i"s proof Japan’s oddity is still more than welcome across.... JUST GIVE US FATAL FRAME 5!!! WHY NINTENDO, WHY???