Mario Kart 8: These Are the Currently Compatible amiibo Figures

Gameranx: "Of the first, only Mario, Yoshi, Peach, and Donkey Kong will work."

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joshw20111451d ago

Considering the others aren't in the game, it makes sense. Villager and Link will likely be compatible once DLC packs hit.

shaw981451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I would expect villager to. He is in the second dlc I think?

(Darn it, last bubble. I wish I could have more bubbles to talk to people. I used to have 3 but I was subtracted one. Oh well, at least I have 2.)

R00bot1451d ago

I think he's to be expected, I wonder how Mario Kart 8 will use the Amiibo?

As for the bubble thing, N4G is a harsh mistress. I've said the wrong thing a few times and come back online to 70+ disagrees, I'm surprised I've still got the normal 5 bubbles. It's a smart idea, however I've seen trolls running around with 8+ bubbles and legitimate people with one or two (as with you).

Fastandslow1451d ago

i didn't think of that im sure it will

Volkama1450d ago

Given that Mario Kart 8 came out way before Amiibos, I assume this needs to be patched in? And you already mention DLC as well. Is this common for Nintendo games? Is my 8gb basic console going to hamstring the fun?

shaw981451d ago

I have to get the Mario figure first. Not only am I the biggest Mario nerd, but it will probably be compatible with the most games. Mario is the main mascot of Nintendo after all. That and I think the Mario figure is one of the best looking figures.

WeAreLegion1451d ago

What do they do in Mario Kart 8?

MartinB1051450d ago

Is there any information out yet on what the actual function of Amiibo's are in Mario Kart 8?