World of Warcraft Will Still Be Around in 2024, Blizzard Says

Next month, genre-defining PC MMO World of Warcraft will celebrate its tenth anniversary, but that won't be the end for the game--far from it, according to lead designer Ion Hazzikostas.

Speaking with GameSpot sister site CNET about World of Warcraft's ten-year anniversary, Hazzikostas said he's absolutely sure that the game will live on another ten years or more.

"I definitely can't tell you what our 20th anniversary is going to be. I can tell you there is definitely going to be one," he said. "I have no doubt saying that. We're definitely planning into the future, talking about what the next expansion is going to be, and what the one after that is going to be, just in terms of big picture storylines, how can we start setting things up now, where do we want the game to go. Ultimately it's all one step at a time."

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BigBosss1451d ago

I doubt it, people are slowely moving onto other games and so have I since this game has sucked the living hell out of me lol

francisjairam161451d ago

I don't know if people still play this game because hardly anyone has ever talked about it. I don't know why.

NiteX1451d ago

Millions still play it quite regularly. And it's starting to boom even more with the expansion hitting in 2 weeks.

thekhurg1451d ago

More people play WoW than any other MMO - by a huge margin.

Game will be around until they shut off the servers.

Metallox1451d ago

Even after 15 years people still play Age of Empires II, my most well known example. World of Warcraft it's not the exception; it's still popular today and it will have definitely its base of players in 2024.

Xristo1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I said it in another article. If Everquest can still be pumping out xpacs (last in late 2013 and another rumored around the corner), then WoW will be around as long as Blizzard wants it to be. There will always be a dedicated fan base. People act as if this game has to maintain 5+ million players or it will be dropped. Yes, they will fluctuate and gradually drop but I would put money on the subs still being over 1 mill past 2020.

Shnooze1451d ago

I just wish they would've acted on that concept for a starcraft MMO they had a while back. It looked awesome, not to mention it kept the awesome look of SC1.

WeAreLegion1451d ago

It's funny that an MMO didn't kill WoW. League has taken more WoW players than anything.

Though I imagine Hearthstone is a big draw for many WoW gamers, as well. Excellent game. I know many people who are returning to WoW right now, too. I might even jump back on.

Neo_Zeed1451d ago

For the 5 people who will still be playing by then?

Eiyuuou1451d ago

Many will still play it, but not nearly as many as today.

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The story is too old to be commented.