Surviving NBA 2K15 Without Kevin Durant

GoodGameBro writes, "This week, 2K Sports released the opening day roster for NBA 2K15, which adds in the bulk of preseason injuries and a host of transactions to bring the game up to date with the NBA season.

Of the numerous updates, the most important one involves the coverboy and reigning MVP: Kevin Durant. I’ve said in the past that I thought Oklahoma City had the best roster in the game, and though Cleveland’s additions of LeBron James and Kevin Love certainly bring that title into contention, Oklahoma City with Durant is still probably tops, just because of the versatility the roster brings. However, now that Durant is out for at least a month, a bunch of users who use OKC online or in new MyGM/MyLeague modes will be without a huge focal point of what OKC did on offense and defense last year."

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DougLord1546d ago

NOOOOOOO!!!! Can I at least force the game to uninjured Durant? Can I still fantasy draft him? Best player in the league. LeBron is a close #2 - but now its LeBron's MVP to loose. I wonder if he will share the spotlight with Love like he did in Miami with Wade & Bosh. If not he could put up 40 a game. He is going to sign a new contract new year - and they might do away with maxes. He should try to make a case for being worth $50mm a year. After all TV revenue is going up like 2.5x!

Highlife1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Cavs vs Bulls will be an awesome eastern conference finals. Think bulls win in 7. The bulls are very deep this year. Even if they do away maxes they will still have a cap and owners want a hard cap. No going over.