NBA 2K15 Guide: How to Unlock Each Badge in MyCareer

This guide will show you how to unlock all the badges for your MyPlayer in NBA 2K15. Badges are earned in MyCareer based on how you play, how you respond to situations in scenes, and how good your regular attributes are. Once you earn the bronze version of any skill badges, you can then purchase with VC the silver and gold versions. There's a total of 77 badges available in NBA 2K15, but you cannot have all because some badges conflict (i.e. Alpha Dog and Beta Dog). When trying to get a badge, setting difficulty level to Rookie and putting the sliders on casual and will help make life easier.

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2pacalypsenow1450d ago

Now how do you get that damn shoe deal?!

NBA2KUpdates1450d ago

I got mine in the second season of MyCareer, after I got the Sprint and State Farm endorsements. Also I didn't skip or sim any games.

NBA2KUpdates1450d ago

TIP: I just found out how people are able to max out their players quickly (works for PS4, Xbox One and PC). To unlock all the attribute upgrades, all you need to do is get fouled every game (hold the X button - Xbox controller). For every 7 games you will receive 1 attribute upgrade points. The good thing about doing this is you also earn VC. I suggest to set the difficulty level to Hall of Fame for more VC. Only do this if you don't care about MC and just want to play MyPARK.