PlayDevil: Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Review

PlayDevil has reviewed Shadow of Mordor for PC

Here is a snippet:

"These living, constantly evolving enemies - of which you'll make many - form the dark heart of what Mordor has to offer. It's a system I expect to see copied for years to come as it produces such a personal experience that few games can compare. My bloody journey across Mordor and through the ranks of orc society will differ hugely to anyone else who plays this game, and that is something truly special. Every moment feels unique and emergent, and each rivalry you forge - whether it's an Orc you just can't best or one that doesn't know when to quit - will really feel important, homegrown and yours alone."

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madmonkey011451d ago

i loved the game until my save deleted itself and my steam back up was 10 hours old, not played it since.