GamingExcellence: Pier Solar and the Great Architects Review

"From what I've seen in the games I've played, the greatest benefit to making a retro-styled game in the modern age is being able to not only avoid the worst game development choices of the past, but also being able to apply more modern gameplay sensibilities to whatever you do - you've got decades of knowledge tucked away regarding what does and doesn't work. Pier Solar doesn't. It's a retro game that makes some of the worst choices of the old games of yore, like an interface that's slow to navigate, battles that are slow and repetitive, a story that starts off slow and takes ages to actually go anywhere, and maps that are a pain to navigate. Maybe in the day of the Megadrive, it would've been regarded as pretty good, but these days, it just simply doesn't pass muster with the improvements that we've seen in even the remade games of its genre. It's simply a game that should've stayed in the past."

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