4 Not-So-Scary Halloween Games to Enjoy With Your Kids

Halloween isn't only about mature horror games. Here are a few games that even the youngest gamers can enjoy this Halloween.

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scark921449d ago

I have come across some well made spooky LBP levels in my time, one of which actually got me (Jumpscare)
And I see my self as somewhat desensitized, but who expects it from LBP.

Sketchy_Galore1448d ago

Good day anyone who just stumbled upon this topic through Google. May I suggest you let your kid play a new playstation 4 game named PT (I think it stands for Pudding Time or Puppet training or something). It's a fun little Halloween party game that should have the youngsters giggling and playing along for hours. It's totally free and the controls are really simple too so you can basically just set the thing up for them and let them start playing as you go arrange your trick or treating route or whatever. One piece of advice. It starts quite slow and the kids might get distracted before the real fun begins so be sure to turn out the lights in their room before you leave, just to help them focus on the thing.

DragoonsScaleLegends1448d ago

That sackboy picture would be a awesome pumpkin carving. I did a cool reaper on my pumpkin. Next year I might do PlayStation characters.

tanukisuit1448d ago

Just completed everything for Costume Quest 2. Best $14.99 I have ever spent. So gratifying to play the game.

I highly recommend it to all gamers, despite some objecting to its "kiddie" aesthetics.