PS4 Problems Persist as Rest Mode Crashes Some Systems

Sony's troubles with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Network have worsened further as users begin to report of console crashes and glitches following the "Masamune 2.0" system update.

One of the most widely reported issues in the aftermath of the 2.0 update is a bug which prevents the console powering back on after it enters "Rest Mode" (the new name for Standby Mode).

A growing number of complaints have been issued to Sony via the official PlayStation community forums, which Sony has acknowledged, adding that it is looking into the problems. As a temporary counter-measure, Sony suggests users boot in safe mode if they are having problems.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081451d ago

The curse of the PS4 success i guess! now it's experiencing problems with it's biggest update, PSN and driveclub ps+ version is put on hold due to it's server issues. I hope they get issues cleaned up!

amiga-man1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Luckily for me I haven't been affected, I leave mine in rest mode with no problem, strange it only affects some systems.

gamer78041450d ago

Most likely affects all sydtems just depends on what combintion of user action or games/apps causes it

Neonridr1450d ago

It's weird, I was affected sort of the first time I went into rest mode, couldn't get it out of rest mode and had to hold my finger over the power button for like 10 seconds to reset it.

But last night I was able to bring my PS4 out of rest mode using remote play on my vita. So it seems like it hasn't affected me yet.

Although I have noticed that Remote Play doesn't seem to work as flawlessly anymore. Sometimes the audio is delayed a second behind what I am doing on the screen, or it slows down a little more than normal. Before the update the Remote Play was damn near perfect. Could be a fluke I guess, but I am thinking it could be a bug related to the new update.

Saithraphim1450d ago

I don't have any issues either, I hope they get this resolved soon

wsoutlaw871450d ago

Ya mine has work fine since updating. It definitely isnt an issue for everyone.

jmac531450d ago

@neonridr I have the noticed the same thing with remote play as well. It definitely is not running as well before. I was getting severe lag so much that games are unplayable.

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1450d ago
swishersweets200311451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I found a solution that worked for me to solve the rest mode freeze.

your going to need a usb stick that can fit into your ps4.

first deactivate your system under account.

Then go to settings, initialize, do a full initialize

Wait for it to be done, and your ps4 starts back up

Turn off ps4 again

Turn ps4 on again holding the button for 2 beeps to put it into safe mode.

insert USB stick with 2.0 update file on the usb

Pick option 3 for install firmware

reinstall firmware

Ps4 turns back on and your safe mode shouldn't freeze anymore

Re activate your ps4

I did this last night and it hasn't frozen since.

Foehammer1450d ago

Seems like quite the process?

Consider for a moment that other consoles have been updated every month and all ppl have to do is watch a video that comes up and shows what's new.

swishersweets200311450d ago

If people want it to stop freezing, then they will follow those steps and be done with it.

jrshankill1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Foehammer.. 100% correct.

Why on earth should people be expected to go through these 10+ steps to fix a firmware update?

Sorry, truth hurts, MS > Sony when it comes to firmware upgrades.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1450d ago

Reinstalling the update takes 10 to 15 minutes, but for some people pressing a few buttons and plugging a USB drive or external drive to the PS4 is too much like work.

Rickman1450d ago

When the other consoles have sold half as much, you don't hear as many people complaining

Neonridr1450d ago

@Rickman - or it could be that the updates MS puts out don't cause extra problems..

XisThatKid1450d ago

To the above who said MS>Sony for firmware updates.
Well MS is a software based company and Sony a Hardware and the numbers of most kinds that involve the to congloms say just that. People should realize this unbias. Sony is more rounded in the industry.

rainslacker1449d ago

Has MS never had problems on an update? Serious question, I don't really pay attention since I don't have an X1.

Also, from what I've seen, MS updates are much smaller, so likely less to go wrong. Have they actually changed any major function of the X1 UI yet that would cause issues such as this?

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CernaML1450d ago


You could just change the Power Saving Settings > Rest mode usb charging to "Always" which will fix the issue.

ab5olut10n1450d ago

This is what has worked for me.

badz1491450d ago

I was surprised too that they added the 3hour charging thing. I didn't realize it sooner as I didn't really read the change log but after struggling to turn my PS$ back on from Rest mode, (2 times!!) I was kinda panicked that it bricked! I just decided to turn it off completely after that which means, it won't download anything or ready for remote play. so...does changing the usb charging setting to "always" will really help fix the issue? I think I'll give it a try.

ab5olut10n1450d ago

Well it worked for a day, back to frozen again :(

DragoonsScaleLegends1450d ago

Wow that's a nice list of steps lol. Good thing my PS4 is a beast and doesn't have this issue.


So we should also initialize it huh... So that would mean we'd need to reinstall every game we have on our systems .... I think not bro but that's too much of a pain in the ass lol

swishersweets200311450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

can't believe all the disagree's when flat out what i wrote above works and does fix it.. it only takes a few minutes to the people complaining that is too much work, sounds like the kids now days. piss n moan everythings too hard. That's why i found a fix, because i took the time to figure out a way and steps to do it. You guys would be sitting at the wayside crying boohoo too much work, i want to hit only 1 button boo hoo.

Iceball20001450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Sorry wrong reply ***

Iceball20001450d ago

Or you could just go to power settings and turn rest mode usb to always on instead of 3 hours or you could go to safe mode and do a database rebuild

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WitWolfy1450d ago

*touch wood* mine is still fine.

u4one1450d ago

Yes. Yours is fine so all these other people should just ignore the problems they are having. Must just be in their heads.

vega2751450d ago

I haven't turned on my ps4 to install the update. I'll wait til everything is sorted out before doing so

OB1Biker1450d ago

Its ok no much of a big deal for me as if it happens I just hold the power on button for like 15 seconds and it switches off.. The worse I think could happen is if your paused in a game and leave it so the console goes to rest mode on its own and could corrupt save files. update is worth it otherwise and hopefully they dont take too long to release a patch.

Death1450d ago

I'm taking the same approach.

rainslacker1449d ago

There's a safe mode nowadays, and you can revert to a previous firmware, so there is no chance of bricking the system.

If you don't play online, then fair enough, if you can wait, then wait it out. But overall, despite the complaints, it still really only affects a small percentage of users, like most issues do.