Some amiibo figures will have limited availability

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has stated that some amiibo will only be available for a limited time.

The direct quote from Iwata is: "some amiibo will remain stocked on the shelves as staple choices while some will be limited-time offers which will cede their positions to new ones once they are sold out"

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Neonridr2160d ago

in other words.... collectors items!

DryBoneKoopa852160d ago

This is why I bought all 12. It happened with Skylanders. Once the second wave comes out stores start phasing out the 1st line of the figures.

Nintendo fans! Make sure you get the figures you wan't/need before their gone! You don't wan't to deal with Ebay scalpers.

Neonridr2160d ago

I ordered 4 so far, but I will probably extend it to include more of them.

I am wondering if I will even use them, or just keep them in their packaging as collectors items..

DryBoneKoopa852160d ago

Well if the packaging works anything like Skylanders. You can keep them in and still use them. We will have to wait and see.

Neonridr2160d ago

lol, I just added in the rest of wave 1 and placed a second order for wave 2.. I'm such a nerd.

shaw982160d ago

Darn. These figures could become really valuable. 0.o

Dunban672160d ago

Will they disclose which characters will be limited or will they keep that secret so people feel they will have to buy as many as they can so they don t miss out on the limited editions?

Errefus2160d ago

Looks like I'll be ordering all of them D:

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