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Gamer Headlines writes: “The witch hunts aren’t over quite yet as the Umbra Witch is back in her Wii U-exclusive sequel with Bayonetta 2. As you would probably expect, this sequel from Japanese developer Platinum Games does not revolutionize the Third-Person Action genre in any way. In fact, Bayonetta 2 could be described as the original Bayonetta game along with a few technical upgrades and gameplay tweaks since the objective of the game remains beating up some Angels and Demons in the most ridiculous ways possible. That being said however, those little subtleties are the reason why this sequel delivers an experience that surpasses the first installment’s. Sure, the game hits a few bumps along the road with its convoluted story and abysmal writing at times, but, after mindlessly mashing my way through Bayonetta 2 for roughly 16 hours, it finally occurred to me that this is the most entertaining and fun game currently available on the Wii U, and it alone is enough to justify the purchase of the $300 system.”

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Neonridr1547d ago

This game can't get enough good reviews..

sitting at 91 currently on metacritic.

Awesome to hear. Can't wait to play this game (picking it up in the next two days).

canek1546d ago

bayoneta2 has to be in your collection!! It's super awesome!!!