Bungie investigating issues with Destiny's Halloween Jackolyte not working

GameZone: "Bungie is "aware" of and "investigating" the issue that is causing some players who have used the Jackolyte consumable in Destiny to not receive the temporary pumpkin head buff."

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wsoutlaw871546d ago

Lol who cares. Its a time limited purely cosmetic gift.

Battlefieldlover1546d ago

I care.... you are acting like this is the only "issue". Used one of mine last night and nothIng happened. This game can be a buggy mess at times.

They can fix the Atheon exploit but can't be bothered to fix the very end not locking up? How about going through the portals only to end up back inside? Nope. How about the relic actually hitting the enemy every time when you attack? Nope. How about enemies in the raid taking no damage or magically getting half thier health back? Nope.

But thats right, since it's a "gift" it actually dosnt need to work and if it dosn't you really shouldn't care.......................... .......

wsoutlaw871546d ago

ha what are you talking about? This is just about the stupid pumpkin head thing. If get this work up because you cant put a pumpkin head on for 30 min then you should get help. "you are acting like this is the only "issue"", no, I read the article and responded to what the article is actually about.

Battlefieldlover1546d ago

lol, not that worked up. Pretty sure i didnt rage and tell you i was trading in the game... Just pointed out that i cared. You did ask the question right? I then pointed out why i cared. Man, for someone with so many bubbles you sure are quick to acting a fool, maybe you should get some help. -_-

wsoutlaw871545d ago

When did i say you were going to trade in the game? Who are you even responding to? I did not ask anyone what their list of issues with the game is. I was referring to the topic that the article you are commenting about, is actually talking about. No one cares about a stupid pumpkin head, thats all, thats it.

DevilishSix1546d ago

Everything Bungie does in this game is an issue.

VanguardOfCalamity1546d ago

I noticed that if you had already done the Nightfall - and have the Flame Halo around your head then the Jackolyte wouldn't show up..

maybe because the game can only show the flame halo OR the Jackolyte but not both??

Anyone done the nightfall and know if this is true?

either way - meh ... Jackolyte is only cosmetic and last 30 minutes

Hipp01546d ago

I know 2 people who have said their characters are without the halo who have not been able to get their jackolytes to show.

I agree though, as a novelty item it doesn't seem like something to write home about when your face doesn't morph into a pumpkin.

Battlefieldlover1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Could be my issue. All my characters have nightfall done so i can't test it myself. All i know is it dosnt work for me.

I think to most its added to all the other tom foolery. "Patching this before fixing that" kind of thing only to get a fun little add on that, suprise suprise dosnt even work.

Tex1171546d ago

Certainly a big issue.

jmc88881546d ago

Saw that yesterday but was wondering what it was. A giant pumpkin head. Feels a bit like the Team Fortress 2 holiday things they do, ha ha.