Here's the Yakuza Zero Trailer in English

"Sega has made no announcement for an international release of their latest Yakuza game, but that didn't stop us from translating and putting English subtitles to the dramatic story trailer."

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DarkOcelet1501d ago

So what the heck does that means ? Will it finally get an international release ?

tiffac0081501d ago

Knowing Sega probably not. That 0 stands for zero chance of localization :(

TomahawkX1501d ago

it means nothing, its a fan translation.

Inception1501d ago

Sega said they considering an english subs for asian version. You just have to wait if that's true when the game released next year.

Hoffmann1501d ago

Can't wait for the US release and Shenmue 3 either.

hkgamer1501d ago

shenmue3 is coming. just be patient

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rhap1501d ago

doesnt make sense at all. wheres yakuza 5 and ishin first?

Summons751501d ago

We're not and this isn't either (as of yet). It's a title made for the hits but it's nothing more than a terrible fan translated trailer.

hkgamer1501d ago

damn it, thought it was an official trailer.

guess its better than nothing