COD: AW PS4 'Native 1080P With Medium Quality Post-AA' Says Durante, First Screens Inside

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is already out there and Durante has analyzed the first screenshots posted, stating that the game runs at native 1080P on PlayStation 4.

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Imp0ssibl31453d ago

Thank God they are reasonable developers. Now only those of Assassin's Creed Parity remain

Abash1453d ago

Really happy about this, Advanced Warfare should look pretty amazing in 1080p. The commercials for it have me very much looking forward to it

GiggMan1453d ago

Yeah I think it would have been sad to step back in resolution considering ghost was 1080p.

Volkama1453d ago

But Ghosts looked pretty terrible even in 1080p. They could easily have achieved a better looking game than that even if they hadn't maintained the same resolution, which wouldn't really be "a step back".

Personally I'm not sure if I'll be looking to buy this game or not. It's a shame they're still targetting cross-gen. I don't think anyone I know is getting it, so I'm completely free to choose a platform if it does turn out to be good.

XanderZane1453d ago

The commercials is the XB1 version you know. Microsoft is doing all the marketing for it, just like Sony did with Destiny. Yes, the XB1 version does look amazing. The commercials are impressive. I'll be getting that version so I can play with all my friends. I already preordered the Day Zero edition. Should be fun.

imt5581452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Well, think Durante's info is pretty legit. Or he will risk ban on GAF. Anyway, i love read some comments on MrX blog. It is the funniest blog on the net with lots of crap. Like this one ( from MrC ) :

Quote :

"...still think some user posted 1080p MP on youtube, a prof MP player.
and also some preview site that said 1080p on both PS4 and X1 on SP campaign

i wish there is other site with some credibility
that also tested this game so we have multiple sources that not that biased
like eurogamer

i see that DF will in favor for PS4
and probably will try to legitimate 900p vs 1080p..."

Well, first of all, Xbone and PS4 DVR is @720/30fps max.! Even if game is 720p, you have quality capture card, ( like Elgato 60 or Extremecap U3 ) you can record gameplay @1080p/60 and you upload gameplay video on Youtube. Video will be @1080p on Youtube ( and 60 fps now, before was 30 max.)
Which preview site, MrX ( or C whatever )? Of course, members blindly believed him.

Second, other site with credibility, Eurogamer is biased? Well, when Eurogamer wrote that FH2 use 4xMSAA, they really "Wowed!" Credibility is legit. Now it is not when Eurogamer said that COD : AW MP is @900P. What a frickin dumbass.

sonarus1452d ago

Call of Duty has successfully managed to turn the art of shooting people into a sport complete with yearly iterations. I don't even know why they bother with subheadings they should just go with call of duty 2014 and call of duty 2015.

GameNameFame1452d ago


Are you seriously believing commercial to be accurate representation of the game? LOL

UltimateMaster1452d ago

Medium settings? I would have gone with a higher graphical settings with lower AA.

Then again, it's call of duty, a twitch shooter.
So higher resolution is better for snipers and AA makes it smoother when you turn fast.

slasaru011452d ago

I disagree with you. It should look stunning or glorious. What else can produce a dozen years old engine?

bouzebbal1452d ago

now even activision and COD are breaking those parity rules! good stuff for PS4 owners and COD fans

Utalkin2me1452d ago


Wow, so the live action trailers are Xbox1 version.

awi59511452d ago

Well im sure my Dual R9 280x's can handle it.

Volkama1452d ago

Abziiine, COD Ghosts was 720p on the XBox One and 1080p on the PS4.

Assassin's Creed Unity really is the exception rather than the rule.

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SonofGod1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

When will you people learn that the PS4 is simply not powerful enough for 1080p on AC Unity?

Even COD AW, the most important third party game on Xbox, is not forced parity.

Take a look at the PC requirements for AC Unity:

"Minimum PC specs:

Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.3 GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz or AMD Phenom II x4 940 @ 3.0 GHz processor


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 or AMD Radeon HD 7970 (2 GB VRAM) video card
----------------------------- ------------------------------ -------------------
Recommended PC specs:

Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz or better processor


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 or AMD Radeon R9 290X (3 GB VRAM) video card"
----------------------------- ------------------------------ --------------------
You people are stupid if you think the PS4 can run AC Unity in 1080p. The PS4 is not a super machine.

rarity1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Are you really using the PC system requirements for a current gen multiplat to try and make a point about a current gen console not being able run the multiplat at a certain resolution...? Look at middle earth:shadow of mordor's pc system requirements to be played on ultra and then look at the ps4 version(just an example) hell look at every current gen only game then look at the sytstem requirements then look at the ps4 version i'm not saying the ps4 version's are better but most run at 1080p native,Not only that but ubisoft came out and said it was because of parity.

vishmarx1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

what do pc requirements have to do with it?
i dont care what you say,
ac unity is not even close to the best looking game on ps4 right now and when 95% of the games run at 1080 , this should too , it isnt doing anything exceptional.
musou games have hundreds and hundreds of characters on screen and they never dip a frame below 60.
at 30fps , the least we can expect is for the resolution to stay 1080p

sigfredod1453d ago

pleople is not mad about being 900p or 720p or 1080p SonofGod, what we don´t like is that they state the two version will be exactly the same 900p 30fps for parity and avoid debate and stuff, is like they have 2 ford focus on a drag strip, one stock other with a turbo and both do the same time, thats the issue

Alexious1453d ago

It should be the best looking game even with those requirements, but something tells me that it won't be so.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft has a poor history on the optimization front that seems to be extending from PC to consoles.

SonofGod1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Whatever you say people.

But think about this:

If MS doesn't force parity with any other game, including Call of Duty, why would they do it with AC Unity?

And if you watch AC Unity leaked gameplay you can see frame stuttering even when it's 900P

But yeah keep living in denial as you people clearly don't understand that AC Unity's NPC amount is bottlenecking the GPU.

If it makes you feel any better you can sign this petition:

But it won't automatically make AC Unity 1080p if that's what you think.

andrewer1453d ago

"what do pc requirements have to do with it?" rofl forget it SonofGod, nothing you say will wake them up.

Mega241453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )


"If MS doesn't force parity with any other game, including Call of Duty, why would they do it with AC Unity? "

Microsoft has a deal with Ubisoft about AC:U, even the bundle for the game is going for $350, can you imagine having put loads of money into a deal for the game to look like crap in your platform, while the other platform is actually looking better and performs better?

That's why there is parity, because someone threw money at them. A deal is a deal, they already sold their soul.

About the system requirements on PC. Do you really think that's why the game is running like that on consoles? Assassin's Creed developers are know to poorly optimize the game for PC, they obviously do it for a reason, parity... and so people who crack it have a hard time playing it.

theXtReMe11453d ago

When will PC users recognize that consoles arent using the same straightforward hardware that PCs are. Everything in these consoles is geared towards games. They are optimized for one thing and one thing only. You can't compare a PS4 and a PC graphics card, because a PS4 is using added extensions and proprietary functions specifically geared towards games. Not to mention, the system has a little over 6 GBs worth of (open and useable)DDR5 to work with, something very few PC graphics cards have.

Now don't even get me started on all of the background tasks that are going on in a PC. You need those specs to run games, because games aren't the only thing thats running on your system at any given time. You have the added bulk of the operating system and all of its background tasks, not to mention all of the drivers needed. Something consoles don't have to deal with. You have to remember, the PS4s SDK is using mantle like extensions, that allow developers to develop to the metal. Remember that mantle was created after the PS4s SDK was already discussed. It was basically PCs answer to get into the performance perks that the PS4 was already delivering.

I hate the one to one comparison PC people try to do, because it's not a one-to-one comparison until the PC is using the same parts in the same way. PCs use brute force for gaming, something that's not needed with consoles due to their linear function. Which is being developed to play games and that's generally it. Even when they do multimedia, it's one task at a time and not multitasked throughout the operating system. Which allows developers to focus and harness all of the systems power for that one function at that one time. Something PCs don't have the luxury of doing.

Don't get me wrong and try to say that I'm saying that PCs arent more powerful. Of course they are. They have the luxury of technology that seems to get more and more powerful by the day. but you can't put consoles on the same plane as a PC, due to the consoles proprietary nature. The only way to do that would be to strip the operating system and all the background tasks out of the PC and then do the comparison. Designing a graphics card that includes all of the extensions and proprietary functions that the PS4 has... Then, add 8GBs of DDR5. Which is the biggest plus over most graphics cards on the PC market. Only the over $1000 graphics cards include that much RAM.

So lets be fair both ways and actually take each system for what it is. But stop trying to compare one on one what each system is capable of due to its hardware. You can't do it, because there isnt hardware on the PC that mimics that of the PS4. Especially coming anywhere near the cost, with 8GBs of DDR5. Let's just be content with some PCs are more powerful then the PS4 hardware, but to mimic the form and function you couldn't come anywhere near the cost by building your own PC.

OrangePowerz1453d ago

PC requirements are not a valid form to speculate that it wouldn't run in 1080p because of the hardware. Ubisoft is known for their shoddy PC optimization.

As for other games not having parity. MS can't force parity they can ask and that's it. What are they going to do if they don't get their parity? Not release a game like CoD or not advertise it? That crap goes with small indie developers who have no other choice and get abused by MS but not with large games.

Ubisoft stated that it was a deliberate choice to have parity and not due to the hardware.

Funantic11453d ago

Wow those are some high recommended specs. The game will look great on PC but still good on all consoles. I'm just hoping for fun time with the multiplayer.

GiggMan1453d ago

No one (at least now) is saying that MS forced parity. With the PS4 selling so much better it would be hard for them to do so anyway.

The issue is ubisoft saying they are purposely making them equal to avoid debate.

People are arguing that if AC unity is "pushing the PS4 to the max" and only getting 900p, their is no way the Xbox one could be equal because the PS4 has a higher ceiling.

Doesn't matter to me because I wasn't getting the game anyway. Now that I may be able to get it bundled for cheap on the x1 I might pick up an x1 for it. Cosidering it will be "equal" to the PS4 version.

OT: I'm glad they went with 1080p for ps4 at least. This is the first COD I've ever pre ordered.

metatronx1453d ago

@andrewer i think it's the other way around, you and sonofgood need to wake up.

d4v03331453d ago

you really should not bring up the pc spec requirements in this plus i guarantee you that ps4 can easily do 1080p for ACU but they are saying it can't handle because they dont want to go back to that whole xbox one can't handle 1080p and ps4 can debate. that is just a excuse from them to stop people going crazy because of the parity with xbox one

SonofGod1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

@MEGA24 Are you forgetting that MS have had marketing rights for every COD being released and all the COD bundles MS has had with Xbox?

That includes COD Ghosts, and MS still didn't force parity. Call of Duty is a more important 3rd party game for Xbox than Assassin's Creed, and it's been like that for a long time.

So basically your argument is backfiring on you.

If MS doesn't force parity with COD they have no reason to do it with any other game.I say again, COD is the most important 3rd party game on Xbox for MS, not Assassin's Creed.

Here is AC Unity gameplay on PS4 running @ 900p and you can see it's struggling with framedrops even when it's 900p, and that is just inside. Imagine when you go outside with all those NPCs.

vallencer1453d ago


Using the price drop to try and prove your point is a terrible idea. Reason being is because EVERY Xbox one is getting the SAME price drop. Including the cod AW bundle. It has zero to do with parity and money between ubisoft and Microsoft. Which I honestly don't think there is one. Just look at this article. If COD AW isn't getting parity then what makes you think assassins creed is?? Microsoft had an exclusive deal to advertise cod only. So parity, I believe, doesn't exist.

wsoutlaw871453d ago

Ubi is choosing parity and thats what has everyone mad. I don't think anyone really believes ms is forcing it, though it's slightly possible they incentivize it some how. It is ubisofts choice and it's definitely real.


Don't try man, they think the PS4 is plenty powerful! Any body who knows hardware understands that 1,000's of AI is very CPU extensive, something the PS4 and X1 are equal at. They are stubborn brats (the ones who still think it's parity, and lack the common sense to know that Sony would not put up with that, lol)

Eonjay1453d ago

Looking at the specs of the consoles, those min PC specs are still ridiculous. Unity looks fine on Xbox One and PS4 so if it takes that much Over Powered hardware to run it on PC by comparison, something is very very wrong.

BluFish1453d ago

You're missing the point entirely.

CertifiedGamer1453d ago

You obviously don't know how games work if you think that PC versions of games due to requiring more ram in games is due to the fact that pc has way more thing running in the backgroud than consoles. ACU can be 1080p on PS4.

wsoutlaw871453d ago

@ gutz if you knew anything you would know that has nothing to do with the resolution differences between the 2 versions. No one is asking for more ai.

bouzebbal1452d ago

your post makes no sense, so does your nickname

NoDucks1452d ago


You conveniently forget that COD: AW is also offered in a $450 1TB bundle that is selling better than the PS4 on Amazon. So in theory they would have parity on that too...

JMyers1452d ago

Yet it can run pretty much most games in 1080p? Why not Unity?

I guess it's because they "wanted to avoid debates and stuff"

Clearly that alone should say enough... It was a decision not a limitation.

kevnb1452d ago

the pc specs dont even make sense, an i5 2500k specifically is the overclockable model, and a phenom 2 940 is in a completely different league below it. they probably just didnt bother testing with anything else.

BitbyDeath1452d ago

@sog, EA are trying to build a better name for themselves since being slammed as the worst company in the US 2 or 3 times now.

EA are not forced to take the parity deal, Ubisoft are not forced either.

They choose for themselves and Ubisoft has already admitted to going the parity route for AC.

It is known.

_-EDMIX-_1452d ago

LMFAO! Some of you are so slow its not even funny.

A system doesn't do "1080p" the game does that. This damn article is stating the game is on medium to get 1080p, ie they choose to lower the quality to hit a resolution.

If you own a damn gaming PC you'll actually know this.

Ubisoft could very much lower the quality to hit 1080p JUST LIKE what COD is doing, but that is a creative choice and they made what they feel the right call is by making the game demanding and sticking to quality vs resolution.

Second...this game is fully next gen, not cross gen like COD ie they can't scale back to PS3/360 quality to get such a resolution so easily without lower quality.

....again....if you game on know you could change the settings to hit a certain resolution, clearly Ubisoft doesn't want to do such a thing with AC Unity.

They even stated it wasn't because it couldn't, merely because they didn't want to.

Also it is known that consoles perform 2x then PC parts, ie those specs are very much 2x that of PS4 and they are technically THE EXACT PERFORMANCE SPECS LMFAO!

Thus...those specs are merely what a PC NEEDS to run AC Unity like a PS4 and XONE can run it bud.

The PC needs to catch up to the PS4 or XONE to play this game as MOST PC gamers don't have those specs.

I think your stupid if you think the PS4 "runs 1080p" as suppose to the damn game. Running a game in 1080p is pretty easy bud when you just turn the quality to junk.

Running 1080p MAXED QUALITY is the trick bud.

Mind have zero next gen PC port to even compare AC Unity to as...its the first full next gen only game being ported to PC by a 3rd party. LMFAO!

At least know what your comparing before you post buddy.

pompous1452d ago

Sorry funatic1 there is no competitive multiplayer in AC: Unity.

Rhythmattic1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

For the interest of posters.....

"So I went to N4G.....
2014-10-31 12:30 am (UTC)"


Cant believe on that MrX's Xbone site, they talk more about PS4...

Wow.. just .............Wow.

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skulz71453d ago

AC Unity is an open world game. CoD AW is an arcade shooter with small to medium scale maps.

On top of this, AC Unity looks graphically superior even at 900p. A 1080p patch would be icing on the cake!

spacedelete1453d ago

GTAV is 1080p on PS4 and thats alot more ambitious than AC Unity. don't reply with something stupid like GTAV is a last gen game. GTAV was always going to release on next gen. its a cross gen game not a remaster.

skulz71453d ago


GTA V is definitely ambitious. But more ambitious than Unity? Thats a stretch. What game has even attempted to allow you to seamlessly enter 1/4 of buildings interiors along with 10,000 NPC's on screen at once, and then factoring in a climbable 1:1 scaled city. Theres a lot of work that goes into AC games. GTA V might be 1080p, but you cannot say it has better graphics than AC Unity does. But of course as GTA is GTA, its definitely better than AC right?

N4GDgAPc1453d ago

Assassin's creed Unity graphics are better and has more npc's at one time than GTA. So no it's not more ambitious.

Tempest3171453d ago

I'm not entering the debate on which is more ambitious, I just wanted to input my $.02 :) the 10,000 npc thing doesn't really impress me, because due to LOD they aren't going to be 10,000 full polygons/models/details. The only ones that will be that way will likely be the ones you can actually see, with the rest scaled down considerably. When the character only takes up a few pixels on the screen, it doesn't really make sense to render it with the same quality as the character next to you taking up 20% of the screen, and I would be interested to see what 10,000 fully detailed character models would actually do to the framerate. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I haven't seen anything released relating to the actual detail of the models.

cell9891453d ago

10,000 NPCs is just a number they are using for the sake of bragging about numbers. Like at the xbone reveal when they said something like 5 billion transistors on their GPU. Sounds impressive, but when you really look at it xones GPU is not something to write home about.

So 10,000 NPCs is a farcry of what it really will be, in real time gameplay. I mean Fifa 2015 has similar feats with their 3d modeled stadium crowds, but its all smoke and mirrors

N4GDgAPc1452d ago

Your really going to compare npc's from unity to Fifa? There is a lot more complex AI for unity that has to be calculated. And all those npc's in fifa are a distance away where they don't have to worry about high poly models. Your going to see a lot of npc's close together in unity.

_-EDMIX-_1452d ago


Also many don't seem to factor in that COD AW is a cross gen game, not a full next gen game.

Why compare this to AC Unity? A FULL next gen ONLY title?

LMFAO! Thats like comparing Sleeping Dogs PS4 port to every PS4 only game and stating it must be "better" then those games because its at 1080p, 60fps.

Would you think Tetris was superior to Crysis because it ran at a better resolution?


I swear, many here need to own a gaming PC to really understand what they are talking about with regards to resolution.

I can assure you, the games that run the BEST on my PC are clearly not the most demanding LMFAO!

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ThePope1453d ago

What I don't understand is the general consensus among the PS fan base is give us 1080p or nothing at all. At least that's the feeling I get when I read comments all across this site. Which is stupid, but that's whole other conversation.

What I don't get is that share play the most next gen thing E V E R is only going to be in 720p. So doesn't that make it unacceptable? I thought there was such a massive difference in 720p-1080p that it makes games not worth play, again from comments on this site. So why is everyone so happy about it? Cause it's free? Well so are demos, and at least they will run at the holy grail resolution.

gobluesamg1453d ago

General consensus among PS fanboys. PS fans would like 1080p but are fine with 900p or whatever, as long as the game plays well and has a stable framerate. I want games that have amazing gameplay and graphics. The specs are secondary.

tlougotg1453d ago

You make no sense at all man. Your comparing (by the way a revolutionary feature in its own right, that works really well, kudos to Sony)Shareplay and saying we are not going on about "streaming games" not being 1080p but we scream about retail games not being 1080p. Your comparison is ridiculous in itself. We dont make a big stink about it because first of all its a feature, secondly dont know if youve tried it but it works great, thirdly we as informed gamers never expected such a feature to "stream" in 1080p and even work so well at 720p. You guys reach too far and compare the dumbest things. Sony gamers are lucky we even have the feature that no other console has.

And as for Sony fans pushing for 1080p games, why wouldnt we? We know we have the best hardware out of the consoles and we deserve the best. Only idiots wouldn't push to maximize or get the better version of games when they know they have the better hardware. Sony fans gripe isnt that all games should be 1080p even though we would love that with good performance, its that our games shouldnt be exactly or close to the Xbone version because their is a decent hardware disparity with Ps4 having upper hand. This parity bs is real and its bs.

Next time you do comparisons, be smart about it. Shareplay resolution versus retail game resolution just makes you seem like a troll.

cell9891453d ago

if super high internet speeds were available you can be sure share play could be done in 1080P. since its a streaming service like netflix, except its a two way stream so internet bandwidth would break with 1080P.

Your comparison is awful, two very different things. Im not paying for share play, I am however paying for a brand new game, so I expect it to have the best optimization possible

Magnes1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

@thepope wow are you salty, why do you care what we think? I see this picture of you up late chewing your nails replaying to a bunch of fanboy threads. Let it go bro.

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Future_20151453d ago

Honestly haven't been excited for a cod game in a long time, got it pre ordered on steam and going to play it in 4K with 2 780s, I just hope Nvidia release a beta driver for SLI support. PS4 version might be decent as well but a lot of these developers put a crap load of motion blur to hide lower graphical fedelity like battlefield 4 on xbox one and ps4

shloobmm31453d ago

All of this whining about parity then all 3rd party developers need to take advantage of the cloud and its dedicayed servers. There are parity issues on both sides of the table. They could have used the cloud to help with the a.i but they didnt. Also unity looks like generational leap over AW in the graphics department.

wsoutlaw871453d ago

Every system can use the cloud, because its dont in... the cloud.

frezhblunts1453d ago

I hope so! Its the ps4, Nintendo just announced that super smash bros will be native 1080p and its like 8 times weaker. Ehh Ubisoft to me are lazy, can't wait for advanced warfare

Hardcore_gamerxbox1453d ago

Lol call of duty is Xbox game if Microsoft had to do anything with prity they could have say don't make call of duty 1080p on ps4 people need stop blaming Microsoft for it if ps4 can't handle a game be 1080p on it

Notramagama1453d ago

Hopefully X1 still has dedicated servers. Thats more important to me than 180 more p. It's all about smooth online for cod.

Matt6661453d ago

Resolution doesn't mean squat, there are a lot more important things like gameplay, storyline and re-playability

Mister_Audrey1453d ago

The parity is due to hardware restrictions on both systems. You didn't honestly believe Ubisoft would gimp one version just because they didn't want arguing, did you?

A Ubisoft dev has already come out and said the PS4 was unable to render the game's AI at while running at 1080p.

jkendrick1452d ago

^^ Wow, you xbox guys are unbelievable! What was Ubisoft's first statement. It was about not having parity arguments, not system requirements. The latter only came about because of the backslash. You guys need to get a clue, no wonder Microsoft thought they could get away with DRM and that disaster of a reveal, you guys just except anything!

larrysdirtydrawss1452d ago

if both systems done the same exact thing for this game, than that means more juice is left over for this game on the ps4 since it has quite a bit more under the hood.. the dev already threw himself under the bus once he said they're leaving the game exactly the same to avoid conflict...he basially admitted parity.. not to mention ps4 has a much more powerful gpgpu and can off load work from the main cpu if needed to just one of the specialized cu's and have plenty left over for 1080p.