Mighty No. 9 potential ‘Ray’ DLC announced

Mighty No. 9 will get its first downloadable content in the form of a new stage and rival boss character named Ray if Comcept is able to raise another $190,000 in funding via “slacker backers” by the end of 2014, the company announced.

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zeal0us1501d ago

This won't be received positively. I would've waited until the game is release to announced dlc.

swice1500d ago

Pretty cool. I like his design choice

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Blacklash931500d ago

They aleady had a massively successful Kickstarter camapign. All this extra crowdfunding is just greedy and redundant.

N4GDgAPc1500d ago

And u think that money they made covers for the full game? LOL. U make me laugh.

EcoSos31500d ago

Yes it should if a game like A Hat in Time can be made with 300k, Mighty No.9 should have no problem with 4 million.

N4GDgAPc1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

You really going to compare that game to Mighty No. 9? Production value is no comparison. From the looks of the game I can see why it cost 300k. Especially you got a group of elite developers on Mighty No. 9 that don't do it for free. And they got more people working on Mighty No. 9 that have to worry about paying.

All kickstarter usually is for is help get it recognized and get funding from other clients to help the project.

A Hat in Time I can tell is a indie game. Mighty No. 9 you can tell have more higher quality.

I'm not saying A Hat in Time is a bad game or not but bad comparison. You can tell Mighty No. 9 production development is on a higher level.

I know a lot of people got mad Oculus sold out to facebook. But do you know they lost a lot of money even after kickstarter? that money didn't even come close to cover production cost to make VR.

Mighty No. 9 I would think cost them between 8 to 12 million to make.

EcoSos31500d ago

"Mighty No. 9 I would think cost them between 8 to 12 million to make."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...yeah but no a side scroller should not cost that much to make.

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The story is too old to be commented.