YouTube unlocks 60fps playback - Uncharted 3 60fps video shows it off

"YouTube now supports video playback at 60 frames per second (on the Chrome browser only for now) - and you can see how it looks below in our special slice of Uncharted 3 gameplay.

Uncharted 3 runs natively at 30fps on PlayStation 3, but our footage comes from a clip captured internally by developer Naughty Dog that Digital Foundry first covered back in 2011.

As Digital Foundry editor Rich Leadbetter explains in the video, you'll never get to play Uncharted 3 like this unless Sony decides to release a PlayStation 4 port."

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Hellsvacancy1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

It doesn't look any less cinematic in 60fps, what are these devs on about "more cinematic at 30fps" it looks great in 60

It's been a long time since i've played U3, I don't even remember any of that, why doesn't Drake drink........ himself? the Bear Grylls way

Septic1450d ago

Yeah agreed.

There's no going back to 30fps for me!

nX1450d ago

Prepare to sell your console then, 30fps will be prevalent for the whole generation... I'm fine with 30fps ias long as it's done right. (no drops & low frametimes)

Nitrowolf21450d ago

Note to viewers: Switch the video to 720P (or higher) 60FPS, then you'll notice.

Man, please make a HD remaster trilogy Sony

ABizzel11450d ago

For those who keep saying they can't tell the difference.

It only works using Chrome Browser and it has to be 720p or 1080p.

OT: This just reminds me how amazing this game was, even after all these years, and a new wave of consoles. Graphically speaking this game is still on par with most of the games released on PS4 and XBO currently, and the 1080p @ 60fps presentation only makes it that much better.

CertifiedGamer1450d ago

@Bloodborne no 60 fps, Call of Duty and Battlefield say hello

UltimateMaster1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

That Uncharted 4 in 1080p 60fps:

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xtremexx1450d ago

the smoothness, threw me off for a couple seconds.

Dawknight3161450d ago

So they just Leaked Uncharted Collection of PS4?

Kivespussi1450d ago

This video was first shown in 2011. In 60fps. Read the article.

MillyMike1450d ago

You cant be serious. There is nothing cinematic about that clip whatsoever.

I think many of you gamers are getting the term confused.

For realism, 60fps is the way to go. Film or video games, it makes whats on screen more reality based and grounded. This is especially great for games because its realism we are looking for.
Driveclub, no doubt, would be better at 60fps. The problem is, with its assets, at 1080p, the PS4 cant handle 60fps. It can handle a fluctuation of frame rates from 30+ but that fluctuation looks bad. So they lock at 30fps, saying its the best way to go (in the context of what PS4 can handle)
Buuuut in the case of The Order: 1886 (the only dev to really use the 30fps excuse well) they dont want that real-life feel. They want it to be "cinematic", giving it a film feel. If youve ever seen a 60fps movie, you know exactly what cinematic is and how it gets lost with the higher frame rate.
With the UC3 video above, the visuals take to the 60fps well because what makes UC3 so movie-ish is the way the action game is presented like a movie, NOT cinematic looking. It makes Nathan more life-like.

Dont believe me? google "soap opera effect"

filchron1450d ago

and you google: native 60 FPS not interpolated frames. your drama over the better presentation is a "soap opera effect"

Clogmaster1450d ago

60fps means your brain has better interpretation/interpolation of what is happening.

And also the increased frame inputs can actually be "felt". It's hard to explain. But in fighting games, it's very obvious.

HaveAsandwich1450d ago

60 fps has ALWAYS been better. I don't see how anyone can argue.

MillyMike1450d ago

I just did and with a lot more info, common sense, and experience than you.

HaveAsandwich1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

^^^^ then you're simply wrong. that is all. 60 fps moves and plays better than 30 fps. end...of...story.

ramiuk11450d ago

still looks amazing graphically too ,amaze me naughty dog with there talent

ShinMaster1449d ago

The video didn't look 60fps to me. Maybe 40fps at best.

The UC4 trailer on the other hand was 60fps and you could tell.

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colonel1791450d ago

I am so sorry, but I just can't notice any difference at all.

TheWackyMan1450d ago

Just to clarify, you need to be using chrome at 720P or above.

kaozgamer1450d ago

Once you get used to 60fps content and then suddenly switch back to 30fps, you'll then notice a huge difference.

killer4fun531450d ago

You have to watch it in 720p or higher to see 60fps and only on chrome

Mega241450d ago

I suggest you visit the nearest optometrist, because you might have a problem with your eyes.

OT: 60fps>30fps no matter what genre, cinematic effect is just on excuse for hardware limitations.

colonel1791449d ago

I probably do have something wrong with my eyes, but I really have never been able to notice the difference between 30fps and 60 fps. I have seen videos side by side, one after the other, and I just can't. All of them in high-end TVs.

I just recently started noticing some difference between 720p and 1080p, with some movies I've been downloading. However, I spent the entire PS3 era without ever noticing the difference of 1080p vs 720p either.

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skulz71450d ago

I really hope they do an Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 remaster for us PS4 owners that had a 360 last-gen.

Hoffmann1450d ago

Write Sony or Naughty Dog an email or a tweet

nX1450d ago

They're probably working on it for a few months now.

Patrick_pk441450d ago

I believe they have a few people working on it, like they had for the Last of Us Remaster. If this is true, I hope there is a bundle with 1, 2, 3, and 4.

leahcim1450d ago

Do not worry they will do it

Am pretty sure

FITgamer1450d ago

I need, so buttery smooth.

plmkoh1450d ago

Is this really 60fps? I grabbed the youtube video and it's 29.97frames. Then I went to the Eurogamer website source file and the 60frames was totally different.

jackanderson19851450d ago

did ya have it on 720p upwards and on chrome? only way it works

mixelon1450d ago

Or Safari if on OSX.. Any recent WebKit based browser, probably.

plmkoh1450d ago

Re-read my comment, I said I grabbed the file, the source isn't even 60 frames.

DragoonsScaleLegends1450d ago

I like all games being 60fps as long as the frame-rate isn't fluctuating all over the place but I still think that 60fps videos look weird as hell.

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