Resolution, FPS and Graphics Today

There’s been a lot of debate lately about graphics and resolution, particularly as things like Assassin’s Creed: Unity, and the Evil Within come out with locked in 30 FPS with statements such as “It’s more cinematic” or the resolution only getting 900px due to console limitations.

For more or less the first time in memory, game creators are calling for people to stop worrying about the graphics as much. For years, publishers and developers have been selling games based on constantly increasing the resolution, graphical fidelity and other graphic parts… and now it seems they have hit a bit of a wall and are trying to come up with various reasons to say stop worrying about it.

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1stPersonHuman1452d ago

Graphics matter. They can get a player more immersed, and as gamers it is only logical we demand the best that technology can bring us. However, consoles are not the best route to achieve some desires. To get 1080p everytime (and usually more), and get 60fps, a gaming PC is obviously the way to go. I feel as though the resolution debate came from fanboys trying to get their console of choice somewhat more justification for their own personal purchase. I myself am not a massive PC gamer, but I know how pathetic it is to argue 900p vs 1080p when 1440p+ is easily achievable on hardware that is....just better. I mean think about it, consoles are suppose to be cheap and popular to the masses. Under $500, all the time (for the most part). Anymore doesn't sell well, so compromises have to be made.

user56695101452d ago

The funny thing is that Sony and ms could have just released a console with a jump in hardware on the scale of the the Wii to wiiU and gamers wouldn't have no choice but to except it. I'm pretty sure this site would be completely the same. Arguing over little difference and saying better technology out there doesn't matter or is irrelevant.

jhoward5851452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

The last of Us was 720p on the ps3 and still it was one of the best game ever created.

This proves that a game can still be a gem if the res is a bit lower.

Darkwatchman1452d ago

Yes, but it'll be just that much better if it's the exact same game only with better visuals.

jhoward5851452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I'm pretty sure most devs want to go all out on a game. 1080p, tons of effects, high res textures, dynamic lighting, unique game play, etc.

But when they have a limited budget to work with they can't go all out like we all want them too.

I know I know the ps4 is more than capable to run game at 1080p. But 900p isn't really that bad to be honest.

In the case of unity, I think UBI had to make a hard decision...either they give the ps4's unity 1080p and lose money on the x1 version of unity. or make them both 900p and make money from both platform.

Personally, I think UBI wanted to make as much profit as much as they can and I don't blame them.

As a true gamer I don't want to see another devs go bankrupted like THQ.

ATi_Elite1452d ago

Dude only consolers specifically Sony fan boys think TLOU is the greatest game ever.

Compare to Half Life 2 TLOU sucked. Sure awesome story but game play omg 2 on screen enemies at a time game play felt like QT events and the Ai was the worse ever as NPC would get stuck in walls or just not even acknowledge me even being there.

True TLOU great story but mediocre game play especially with only two on screen enemies at a time.

Half life would have multiple head crabs a consortium of combine solders who would flank you plus flying debris as the environment was active.

TLOU sure great story but even Halo Reach was better with its particle effects and the improved ai in a large sandbox

I think TLOU has a great story but game play wise very dull and no way in heck game play wise is it better than HL2 Halo Reach or Zelda Ocarina of Time.

TLOU story fantastic TLOU game play overrated and I'm sorry but story and game play are two different things.

I rather play God of War for its variable game play than the TLOU and it weak NPC ai and two on screen enemies. Oh but terrific story though.

GhostTurtle1452d ago

Did you just Compare TLOU to HL2, Halo Reach and OoT. Every single one of those are totally different games dude.

NewShadow1011452d ago


Uh... Did you even play TLOU?

Volkama1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Uh oh you appear to be stuck in a loop repeating slight variations of "TLOU had a good story but I felt that the gameplay was lacking".

kevnb1452d ago

but the ps4 version is much better

Genova841452d ago

TLOU remastered sold 1.5M copies at launch. Yeah, graphics don't matter ...

jhoward5851452d ago

I agreed you by mistake. Anyhow, graphics does matters in a game if you're judging it from a gamers perspective.

From a dev perceptive, everything matters. But like I said before, the devs have to make a decisions based on budget.

They can either spend most of their budget on producing jaw dropping graphics with ok game play or make a game with superb game play with ok graphics.

Genova841452d ago

Fair point. Trust me, I grew up with colecovision, atari, aquarius, ti 500 etc. I love games with great gameplay. I love games with great gameplay and great graphics more though. Super Mario All Stars is a good early example of this. Love those updated graphics!

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windblowsagain1452d ago

You won't see massive differences on 900p vs 1080p on a screenshot.

But if you play the game on a 1080p tv, you will. I can tell straight off if a game isn't hd.

As for PC, I have one and play many games on it.

But many games that consoles get do not come to PC.

My PC/PS4 combo works for me.

DragoonsScaleLegends1452d ago

Smooth 60fps over anything in my opinion. But games being set to 30fps is not a drawback for all of them just a lot of them.

IWentBrokeForGaming1452d ago

Isn't it only natural to expect my games to be the 10 year industry standard of 1080p by now? No excuse my 11 month old console can't match my prehistoric TVs image output!

Ghost_Nappa1452d ago

And what kinds of graphically intensive games does your tv run?

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