Top 10 Best Car Racing Games of All Time

GamingWorm says:
There are many awesome racing games out there, but some of 'em are truly a master piece! So in this article, we'll show you the Top 10 Best Car Racing Games of All Time.

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C-H-E-F1452d ago

No @Mad that's a fact.. How will the author have a list without Underground/Underground 2, (arguably JUICED), and Most Wanted (the original). Shhhh I can name 10 games that should be on the list this list is horrible lOl. How old is the author though cause this says "ALL TIME" but only named last gen hahaha....

TheStrokes1452d ago

No Chase HQ? Road Rash? Lol.

GodGinrai1452d ago

No out run? No daytona usa? no sega rally? No ridge racer. No colin mcrae rally or TOCA? no FM4? this guy has terrible taste in racing games, with the exception of GT and FH.

TheStrokes1452d ago

I think he just put down the games he's played lol. It's not the most in depth list...I've seen more depth in a puddle!

danowat1452d ago

Blimey, that was a terrible list! NFS the run at no3? LMAO

Ka7be1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

It seems this guy who made the list is new in gaming And should play more racing games....
extremely terrible list!

mcstorm1452d ago

I agree but it all depends on the age of the guy who has posted this. For me GT2 is still the best GT game made. I agree with Forza Horizon being in the list but I do think 2 has topped it.
Ide also put colin mcrae rally over dirt.
I was also a big fan of Sega GT online too.
Also in my list ide have to put Mario kart double dash and FZero too. But it really dose depend on what type of racing games you are into.

Outthink_The_Room1452d ago

This "all time list" is essentially a compiled list of the last 10 racing games in all of gaming basically...


Ohhhh, and for the record, Rallisport Challenge 1 is the greatest racing game of all time.

The End.

born_naughty1452d ago

The list is not the worst part. Some of the worst writing I've ever seen.

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