Hideki Kamiya (Okami and DMC Creator) : Bayonetta will be the best game i ever created

Hideki kamiya posted a new Blog Entry in the official Platinum games Blog over Facebook... he stated that he is going to do his very best with Bayonetta to live up to the legacy of games like Fantasy Zone, Space Harrier, and Afterburner, he also Said that it will be the best game he ever Created ... BOLD WORDS! you mean to tell me its better than Okami, Resident Evil 2 , DMC 1, Viewtiful joe?!! Since its Kamiya, we have to Believe him :) ... stay tuned for more Platinum games news.

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Rikitatsu4739d ago

are you shi**ing me ? Better than Okami ? Better than DMC1 ? Better than Resident evil 2 ? Kamiya... I believe you !

MK_Red4739d ago

I'm with you in believing in him and saying Holy Sh*t!

RememberThe3574739d ago

I don't know Okami was soooooooooooooooooo freakin good!

SlyGuy4739d ago

He will have to pull a rabbit out of a hat to beat Okami.

Jim Crowslaw4739d ago

instead of making a new IP why doesnt this guy expand on his current greats?: Okami was insurmountable in storytelling and unparallel in gameplay.

Viewtiful Joe was innovative in action fightin, had a comedic edge and promised us a part 3 at the end of 2. DONT BREAK PROMISES

DMC series: Has the greatest potential of all action games. I have so mucch hope for DMC5 i almost wish it was me making it cuz 4 (eventhough i still play it today) wasnt nearly what i thought it couldve been

CaptainHowdy4739d ago

-DMC/okami/viewtiful joe creater
-witch who kills angels
-has guns on hands and feet
best game ever...sounds near right

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MK_Red4739d ago

Can't... WAIT! Seriously, even with such little info and teaser, this is my 2 most anticipated game of 2009.

7h3ultim8p004739d ago

Oh man oh man oh man!

Please, just add AI to your enemies. That is ALL I ask.

cmrbe4739d ago

It will be a first day buy for me.

BilI Gates4739d ago

Eh I don't think he'll make a game that's better than Okami.

Rikitatsu4739d ago

He has an amazing record of awesome games

BilI Gates4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

I know he does. Devil May Cry (the original) is STILL the best in the series but Okami was a TRUE and flawless masterpiece. I won't say that he isn't capable of making another game as good as Okami but I will say that it won't be better. Bayonetta sounds friggin' awesome as hell but I think it will be similar to DMC in a lot of ways. Okami was COMPLETELY original in every way and it still is the best game Capcom ever published. I'm glad he got away from those assholes. DMC sucks now anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.