XTGN Review: Lords of the Fallen

What happens when you send a Dark Souls fan into the world of Lords of the Fallen? Comparisons. Lots of them!

Rohan fowler writes "If you thought I was talking about Dark Souls, you’d be wrong. If I was talking about Dark Souls, I would have said “Befallen him/her”. I am, in fact, talking about Lords of the Fallen. A game developed by the Polish studio CI Games, in collaboration with the German studio Deck13, and published by Bandai Namco in the US, Square Enix in Europe, and CI Games in Poland. Aside from not being able to change your hero, there is little difference between this game and the Souls series. But is that a bad thing? I believe that it’s okay to copy a game, provided that you improve on what you’ve copied. So is Lords of the Fallen a worthy opponent to the amazing Souls games? Or is it just a disappointing copy-cat? To answer this question and more, let’s dive right in."

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