IGN Updated!

After covering 15 or so gaming platforms in the span of a decade, you can imagine how difficult it is to effectively display the plethora of content IGN created over the past 10 years.

With that said, you may have noticed some of the game profile pages have a slightly different look today than they have in the past. IGN are currently in the process of switching over our entire site to better organize our content and make our articles, videos, and user tools easier to find.

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BSigel814739d ago

You can never have enough upgrades, its good to see IGN taking their site seriously. I know I went to the site and parts of the site would not load up right(partly due to maintenance, not my connection).

jojo3194739d ago

While I like the content of the site, i find it almost painful to navigate. I don't want 50 things happening on every page. With the obscene amount of ads on each page they forever to load. Then throw in the "to continue, click here...." ad's. Is there a good gaming site that isn't completely overloaded with CRAP?

TheIneffableBob4739d ago

IGN needs a complete redesign. Its current layout, while functional, is outdated, ugly, and cluttered.

As much as you guys hate its editorial content, GameSpot has the best site design out of the big-name game sites. Its design is fairly clean, looks nice, and its gamespaces show all the important info in an easy-to-read layout.

tojfs79314739d ago

live for me. Probably not missing anything.