Sexy Halloween Cosplays and Dirty Videogame Rhymes

Bored of the usual Halloween games Coverage? Then Rice Digital has prepared something a little saucier, a little filthier and, frankly - much scarier...

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Patashnik3071d ago

Love those - that Resident Evil one is particularly clever, and the Nier one too.

Not laughed so hard in ages. :)

DaveyB3071d ago

That Birdo one though! >_<
This guy is just wrong on so many levels.

Patashnik3070d ago

'From up her skirt, comes a 12 inch plectrum -
that she rams, with force, inside my rectum.'

The Guilty Gear one made spit my coffee out...

insomnium23070d ago

This article got my click at "sexy..".

Patashnik3070d ago

It had to wait until 'dirty' before I jumped in :)

DaveyB3070d ago

I keep going back to read again... amazing scenes.

Inception3070d ago

dat Junko
dat Jill
dat Kaine
dat I-No

yummm :3

"Our relationship, irreparably damaged,
when I find you – between your partners – sandwiched"

Rotfl, this is really make my day XD

Patashnik3070d ago

"You’ve always set my heart a-throbbing,
you saucy Mistress of Unlocking."

Seriously, this guy's a genius.

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