Review: Fantasy Life | Controller Crusade

Josh from Controller Crusade writes "There comes a time in everyone’s life where they must choose a career and begin their life. Choosing a career is often a stressful process, but this is not the case with Fantasy Life, as you assume the role of a eager young villager looking to make a mark on the world. Its up to you whether you choose a heroic life of a paladin, wizard, mercenary, or alchemist, or you can take the blue collar route and choose careers like angler, cook, or miner. As you progress through Fantasy Life and level your jobs you will gain skills that not only benefit the job you currently have, but also you can mesh this skills to compliment other jobs. For example you may start as a miner, gain resources and decide to switch to a blacksmith. You can then decide to switch jobs to a paladin and craft your own armor."

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