Unofficial Working Fix For PS4 Firmware 2.0 Rest Mode Bug Discovered

Here is an easy way to fix the nasty PlayStation 4 firmware Rest Mode Bug

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ab5olut10n1476d ago

I guess I'll try it, and add it to the ever-growing list of "fixes".

ab5olut10n1476d ago

haha, nice disagrees. with what, i have no idea.

anyway, i tried this and i was able to go into rest mode and come back out without problem a few times. not saying this was what did it, just saying i did this and i haven't had any problems since.

HeavenlySnipes1476d ago

I think its because there isn't an ever growing list of fixes

Only other one I can think of is having to restore licenses from the settings menu if some downloaded content isn't showing up or working

user56695101476d ago

That's because consoles don't get bugs when updating that's only pc. Consoles are convenient

wsoutlaw871476d ago

I switched that right after I downloaded, and I never had any issues

ainTgoTTime2bleed1476d ago

''The ever-growing list of fixes'' belong to that other plataform, don't you remember?, you know the one with the RROD-FIX, the disc scratching-fix, etc, etc...;)

troylazlow1476d ago

live in the now, let the past go.

PudgeyBurrito1476d ago

Yeah, RROD and the disc scratches for the xbox 360 was probably the most embarrassing moment I have ever witnessed of my time in gaming which goes back to Sega master system. Operating system bugs happen. They will fix it withing a week or 2.

evilunklebud1475d ago

HeavenlySnipes.. au contraire

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ab5olut10n1476d ago

uh oh, stealth disagrees. apparently you're wrong and it DID work for you.

troylazlow1476d ago

I will give you a symptomatic agree and bubble up, that sucks dude. much love

ChattyGamer1476d ago

the only thing that worked was going in to safe mode and updating the system again... (option 3)

Lordchunk1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

I have the Evolve alpha downloading right now, after hearing about these issues I'm worried it'll cancel the download and it's been going for hours now sorry for those who are having issues hopefully they sort this out soon so they can all get back to playing their games :)

TKCMuzzer1476d ago

I put mine in rest mode last night it downloaded. I had no disc in the drive or anything running but it definitely worked

Lulz_Boat1476d ago

this fix doesn't work. the bug it's totally random. sometimes happen, sometimes it wont. just wait the new firmware patch.

King_of_Nothing1476d ago

That's not very comforting, considering Sony isn't exactly expeditious when it comes to updates

SuperBlur1476d ago

@ King

There is 12 update on that list and if you add 2.0 to it , thats 13. 13 in less then a year. Could they have done more? Yes , obviously , if they could release new update like steam does on a almost weekly basis that would be awesome , but once a month is more then fine.

wsoutlaw871476d ago

Ya they are slow bringing new features, but not necessarily fixes.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1476d ago

Try re-installing the update. Has anyone tried initializing the system and re-installing update 2.00?
Or, boot the PS4 in safe mode, and re-install the update that way.

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roland821476d ago

I had the power supply options set to Always and it still doesn't work. Rebuilding database doesn't work for me either. Sony is going to have to release another patch to fix it. They should be use to doing that by now.

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