A shoutcaster's take on Twitch's crackdown on sexy

MWEB GameZone Writes: "In light of recent changes to Twitch TV a new one to the Rules of Conduct prohibits any "sexually suggestive" content, shirtless streaming, revealing clothing and skimpy cosplay. With a few popular male and female streamers already under fire, how will this effect their following?"

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CongoKyle1452d ago

It's wrong to say that all female streamers abused a "system" but there definitely were a few who blatantly showed some skin for followers/subscribers/donation s.

I do feel the change was necessary.

Septic1452d ago

Yeah fair enough but where do you draw the line on what is/isn't acceptable.

This is what your average Twitch streamer will dress up as in 2016:

CongoKyle1452d ago

For the life of me I searched and searched for a video of female streamer pulling down her top to show more cleavage for donations. I wish I could have found it to bring my point across.

My biggest irk though (as stated in the article) was that these streamers were taking viewers away from the guys who were actually decent at the games and were trying to help people. This isn't the streamers fault, but more the community so it was just a bit of a rant on my behalf.

BrianG1452d ago

I draw the line when a "Face cam" is not used for the face.

Especially when the "Face cam" not being used for the face is larger than a quarter of the screen with "Top donation" "All time top donation" "Recent follower" "Recent subscriber" , etc....

After all that, how much gaming content is really left?

pompombrum1452d ago

I think common sense can come into play here. Everybody above average intelligence can tell what would be considered appropriate dress code when streaming.

paul-p19881452d ago

Kaceytron comes to mind with that. She is a really good LoL player, but I'm guessing most of the stream watchers were there for the webcam shots down her top... not ashamed to admit I was one of them lol

iceman061452d ago

There are also 2 porn stars that are "retired" and play WoW and LoL. One of them is usually pretty covered and pretty much just plays games...despite the pervs in the chat trying to get a rise out of her. The other, though, spends most of the time talking about her career and her various "exploits". All the time, racking in donations in the hundreds per hour.

DesVader1452d ago

Guess its part of Twitch.TV "growing up" and they belong to Amazon now, so big brother is likely to exert some influence here.

plut0nash1452d ago

Amazon's a good company. Very good on accountability, I think it's a good thing.

HanCilliers1452d ago

Gamers want corporates and sponsors to take them serious. Twitch.TV is forcing their presenters to be a bit more professional. So good call IMHO

scark921452d ago

I agree, there are people on twitch that make money from donations using costumes alone, and its blatant!

caseh1452d ago

Have to say this is a good move, I wandered into a room with like 800 viewers. Girl wasn't actually playing, just sat there yapping i'm guessing she was hosting a game of Counter Strike or something.

Regardless, it was the most embarrassing scene I've ever witnessed. Comments section was flooded with what looked like an IRC channel from over 10 years ago 'omg, she so hawt' 'A/S/L' etc etc.

I left a comment as I was leaving, it was swept off the feed within seconds of people praising her hair, arse etc.

HanCilliers1452d ago

Just wow. How freaking embarrassing!

caseh1452d ago

Well maybe saying it was the most embarrassing scene I've ever witnessed was over stating it. Still, it was pretty bad. :P

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The story is too old to be commented.