Everything you can expect from Advanced Warfare's multiplayer

MWEB GameZone writes: "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is less than five days away from launch. One aspect that everyone is excited about is the multiplayer, and with good reason, it's the backbone of any CoD game. Sledgehammer Games promised to 'fundamentally change' multiplayer in Advanced Warfare.

Here's what Sledgehammer will bring to the table to make Advanced Warfare the ultimate competitive first-person shooter."

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HanCilliers1450d ago

The hype is real! I am so curious about if AW will deliver the CoD experience fans are waiting for.

Sillicur1450d ago

I truely hope so, I have been dissapointed by COD games since COD4: Modern Warfare

3-4-51449d ago

The new Movements increase the skill gap.

I saw it a ton in Destiny....I could move around the map so much quicker than most people, and those of us who did, ended up doing much better, as it leads you to being in control of the map more.

* Good buy camping in the way we know it.

SonZeRo1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Somethings in that list make me go "what were the dev's thinking" I forsee someone hacking this game and making that threat grenade effect permanent so they can always see where people are, and the highest damage assualt rifle with refilling ammo? Oh boy. We shall see how the comps run on this, gonna be interesting im sure of that.

HanCilliers1449d ago

If it fails to deliver proper competitive gaming, then AW fails.

caseh1449d ago

I'll summarise what to expect:

- Something being over powered and 99% of the online community abusing it until it is nerfed.
- People leaping out of danger as soon as anyone fires at them
- Killstreaks that mean you have to hide indoors for at least 2 mins or die

For the purposes of familiarity:

- Someone sat in a corner with claymores clinging onto the thought of a reduced cost care package.

DeadlyOreo1449d ago

Haha that last one was brilliant!

Newmanator1449d ago

Why wouldn't you leap out of danger? Sounds pretty stupid to stand there and get killed.

lnfiniteLoop1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

ultimate competitive first-person shooter - yeah right... it'll be the same old, prestige hacks, boosting, quickscoping and eventual modding crap every other COD game suffers from...

scark921449d ago

I do not see any innovation this title offers

HoldenZA1449d ago

Wow that is quite the list 8)