Nintendo details Quality of Life, automatic downloads, and pre-load starting with Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo detailed its Quality of Life project, automatic downloads, and upcoming pre-load capability for Wii U (and next year 3DS), as well as other information during its semi-annual financial results briefing today.

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MSBAUSTX1546d ago

Man Nintendo is really stepping up their online capabilities. This is amazing news considering alot of people have been turned off by their online approach. Now your Nintendo ID is linked to games and can be downloaded remotely and ready to play when you get home! This was needed and definitely welcome.

Quality of Life looks really interesting. It might be nice to have something telling me why I am tired all the time. I dont know how successful it will be but it is cool to see Nintendo reaching in to other markets to expand their business. Might be usefull.

Preloading was really needed too. I will be using it for smash Bros U definitely so i dont have to wait so long to play it launch day. Very cool stuff Nintendo. You are starting to give people what they want and knew you were capable of.

Now about that Metroid game we have been asking for.......

Bubbamilk1546d ago

Yup, all of what u said.
And it's not if at this point with metroid, its when?
Retro studios sure has been quiet. Actually for about a year now they have been silent. Only articles I've seen from them is when they are hiring which is a good sign. I'd say expect a huge metroid reveal at E3.

MSBAUSTX1546d ago

Yeah I really think you are right. They have been very quiet but apparently it is because they have been busy. I can not wait to see what they crank out. In the meantime I will tear it up on smash U and Bayo 2. Good time to play Nintendo.

1546d ago
N4g_null1546d ago

Finally read the whole ir. Every thing is looking good. They are on the right track.

R00bot1546d ago

Nintendo, the company which has made you lose sleep playing their games, now helps you get some of that sleep back with their QOL platform. The irony is real.

1546d ago