Square Enix Teases The Legend Will Be Revived

"Square Enix has a countdown site up with the teasing that a legend will be revived. Could this be tied to a game in the Mana series which is called Legend of the Holy Sword in Japan?

Rise of Mana, a free to play game that went back to the Mana series action RPG origins, has done quite well for Square Enix. The game will be ported to PlayStation Vita and the Mana series is having a crossover with the hot smartphone game Brave Frontier.

The game will be revealed in about a week unless Famitsu or another Japanese magazine announces it first."

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FlameHawk1450d ago

I just hope it's not a god damn mobile game and it's a console game.

Snookies121450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

It most likely will be a mobile game. That's usually what their countdowns are for... Every time I can't help but get excited, only to have 'mobile' thrown in my face at the end. It's why I despise phone/tablet gaming. If developers want to throw a game on there, that's fine. The issue lies in when big companies revive old franchises for them, only to squander their potential of being revived on console or even handheld systems.

Ocsta1450d ago

My thoughts exactly. They can stick their mobile s***fests straight where the rising sun don't shine.

DarkOcelet1450d ago

Chrono 3 , Parasite Eve 3 , Vagrant Story 2 . Come on Square , let me have faith in you again.

NukaCola1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Coming 2018 exclusively on iOS


I hope my joke never comes true. Please be something epic SE!

forkymental1450d ago

Considering they've crapped all over their console gaming fans for the past 8 or so years I wouldn't get my hopes up. SquareEnix have been the biggest gaming disappointment since the dawn of the PS3/360/and Wii generation. They had such brilliant games on the SNES/PS1/and PS2. Now they've turned into the perfect example of corporate gaming greed. Taking the cheap easy route instead of releasing something new on consoles (remakes don't count). So don't get your hopes up. They don't care about you. They have no artistic credibility left. They're just interested in cheap cash-ins on handhelds.

on_line_forever1450d ago

i really hope its Parasite Eve 3 or Vagrant Story 2

AnotherProGamer1449d ago

revived and killed in the same second

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MrSwankSinatra1450d ago

if it's a mobile game then I don't care.

PS4isKing_821450d ago

Would be nice to have a new chrono rpg or dare I say it, the long rumored ff7 remake is finally happening?

Nwah1450d ago

Square Enix will probably save an FF7 remake for when the company is about to go under as a last resort.

MegaRay1450d ago

Please be a console game or atleast Vita

Gravity_DoGG1450d ago

#PlayStation experience FF7HD

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