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Paul from We Got This Covered wrote:

It’s pretty much impossible to walk into a Warriors game nowadays without knowing what to expect. That said, you would think that the next-generation being ushered in would be a good reason for developer Omega Force to re-tinker the series’ core mechanics. Unfortunately, if Samurai Warriors 4 is anything to go by, the team seems to be more than happy with throwing in different modes to appease fans rather than re-hauling the series’ most blatant plague — its enemy AI.

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Sly-Lupin1502d ago

Reviews are written for consumers, not reviewers. IE you shouldn't assume your audience has already played a whole bunch of musou games already.

Saying "Samurai Warriors 4" has bad AI is a valid criticism.
Saying that it's bad AI is a problem -because- previous games also had bad AI is irrelevant.