Destiny DLC The Dark Below: Bungie is Damned If They Do, Damned If They Don't

"Bungie's recent announcement of its upcoming DLC The Dark below had been receiving great reception from fans until the price tag was confirmed to be expensive. Yet despite the reaction from some gamers, this is why I think it's well worth the money." - OffbeatCulture

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slinky1234561451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

1/3 of the game cost if buying individually. And has less than 1/6 of the content of the game, with just reused environments technically.
IF, they gave us a new planet, like Mercury or something, I could see it being somewhat worth it, but still not for 1/3 cost of the full game.
Even if people could get there moneys worth, it's not good to allow companies to continue to feel they can do this to their customers by charging a ridiculous amount for an already lackluster game.
I have over a weeks worth of play time in Destiny, but I felt so tired playing the same strike for the 50th time and waiting for my party(2 different parties actually) to get on to do the Raid.

Mikelarry1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Agreed how can se gamers defend this. DLC should be only be an option if you truly enjoyed the game and want some more of the world. Bungie released a game that feels lacking in almost every aspect and they expect me to purchase a ridiculously expensive im order for me to get a complete game. I say they can keep it. This is the bery firat bungie game i have ever played and it will be the last

Mikelarry1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

In-case some of you didn't get the point above because of the auto-correct on my phone.

Agreed how can some gamers defend this. DLC should only be an option if you truly enjoyed the game and want some more of the world.

Bungie released a game that feels lacking in almost every aspect and they expect me to purchase a ridiculously expensive DLC in order for me to get a complete game, I say they can keep it.

This is the very first Bungie game I have ever played and it will be the last

orakle441451d ago

I really don't understand all of this. Every year we get a new Call of Duty, and with it, every month or two they release a 3 map pack and maybe a zombie mode or whatever and charge $15, they do this 4-5 times a year for the one game. Call of Duty does that, you get waaaaaay less content for $15 and no one cares at all. Wheres all the outrage then? I just dont get it.

Now with Destiny, they've stated numerous times that they have a 10 year plan, so we ALL knew going into it that they were going to be releasing DLC periodically, no surprise. We are getting 3 strikes, new PVE story content, new PVP maps (equivalent to one CoD DLC), a new raid, new weapons/gear. And I don't even want to hear Microsoft console owners whine that they are getting one strike less, again we all knew Bungie/Activision had a deal with Sony, so again no surprise there.

Just like with most things these days its just the cool thing to do amongst the gaming community to feel entitled and hop on the bashing bandwagon. Be it Watch_Dogs earlier in the year, and now Destiny.

Take a step back sometimes and get some perspective on things before following the herd.

Mikelarry1451d ago

@ orakle,

how do you know I am following the herd, how do you know I dont speak about cod.

I suggest you not assume you know me or my stance on every game based on my comments about destiny.

if you want to support this kind of business good on you like you every one has a preference on what they like and what they dont.

good day

kmeck5181451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )


So.... do you complain about CoD the same way as this?

I am with orakle44 on the point about CoD though (not saying i know if you complain about CoD or not). But I have seen a whole lot of complaining about Destiny and their DLC, but Activision does this with CoD on a yearly basis, and they come out with a new base game every year. So on top of the 4 DLC packs a year (and then they are done with developing for the game) people are also paying $60 every year for the current years version of CoD. At least with Destiny they are planning on supporting it for a long time.

orakle441451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )


My comment about following the herd wasn't so much directed at just you. It's just the "in" thing to do right now to bash everything Destiny is doing at the moment. This practice has been going on since the beginning of last gen, and people have seemed to be fine with it, yet Bungie does it with Destiny, and the sky is falling.

Mikelarry1451d ago

@ both

the reason destiny is getting it worse is because of how overhyped this game was and how underwhelming the final product was, dont blame me blame activision and bungie and thier marketing partners for doing that. they hyped this game to the moon with statements like " its more than a game"

as for cod people speak out about COD's practices and yet some dismiss it as " its the cool thing to do"

the pre-order for cod is in the decline because gamers are getting wise to their shady practices and I am one of those gamers.

my stance on DLC will always be, the base game must be worth playing for me to even entertain the idea of wanting to stay in that world by means of DLC. I will never support games where DLC is needed to flesh out a game lacking.

MAiKU1451d ago


Woah excuse me? Don't act so high and mighty here pal this is an online discussion happening in the back end of an article.

You want someone to step up and not make so called ludicrus assumptions about people then join a debate with your peers offline and in an scholary environment.

If the grasp of the implied assumption here is too much for you to comprehend then maybe you should stop commenting like right now. This game is getting a hell of a lot more flack than CoD and he's already made it clear to you that it wasn't directly solely on you.

DLC in it's entirety in my opinion is complete BS, especially when its containing part of the main story. There are cases where the DLC is already on the disc that is flat out wrong as well.

In this case, the game isn't so much being called DLC they have the nerve to call it an expansion of the game. This game is NOT an expansion. There is far too little content and not enough additional game changes (like adding functionality to the ships) to even call it an expansion.

Mikelarry1450d ago

@ maiku

I suggest you learn to understand a comment before trying to school others.

if you cant understand what happened here then why comment in the first place?

orakle44 made an assumption made on baseless fact and I replied to correct him, that is not me acting high and might that is just me correcting a fellow commenter on what my views were.

he replied to say he wasn't referring to directly at me and I moved on from that comment, but obviously you didn't see that or could not understand that.

please don't bother replying like your advice I will go offline and have a more meaningful discussion with adult's that can comprehend my comment.

MAiKU1447d ago

You go right ahead and do that.

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starrman19851451d ago

@slinky That exactly, I was expecting more like 4 strikes, 6 missions and the raid and even then I still felt the asking point was too high! But 1/2 strikes and a raid?

Ultimately it's the strikes/raids that are going to be played a lot not the story missions and adding just 1 (for the xbox players) is ridiculous!

People moan at Bungie and Activision, I don't know who is totally responsible I just know that Activision merged with Blizzard who are probably the best devs at proving very substantial free content for their games. Why they didn't pull anything from Blizzards brilliant customer focused ideals completely baffles me.

Perjoss1451d ago

Its half of the game cost if you live in the UK. 40 for the full game, 20 for the first DLC, 20 for the 2nd, or 35 if you buy both expansions as a bundle.

wsoutlaw871451d ago

exactly. Ive played every strike in this game like 5 times so they want me to pay 20$ for 2 more? I dont even want to get started on crucible maps.

vallencer1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

If you own a Xbox they want you to pay 20 for one more additional strike. Xbox owners only get one strike because the other is exclusive to Sony for a year which is unfortunate as I own a Xbox.

I'm not condemning timed exclusive stuff but a year is excessive. Honesy think it should only be a max of 30 days. Like the tomb raider deal for Playstation users sucks too! EExclusive stuff is getting out of hand.

wsoutlaw871451d ago

Ya when cod has map packs come out later thats one thing but charging the same ridiculous price for only one strike is just crazy.

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n4rc1451d ago

I'm at 90h into the game.. Been enjoying it along the way despite its faults..

For time played etc.. $20 isn't bothering me for more content.. Fully intend to purchase it

Above.. Its up to people to decide what the value is, you can't speak for everyone.. If people buy it, then thats completely up to them.. If people feel the same as you, then they won't..

lameguy1451d ago

What can we do to convince you to be bothered :)

I suppose the only thing we can ask is that you, yourself, don't preach about Destiny any further than you have to either.

n4rc1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Nothing.. Lol

I just get tired of seeing the same thing.. I don't like the game and feel dlc is a ripoff, so its bad for everyone and shouldn't exist..

That's bs to me.. People can have their opinion and that's cool, but that's all it is.. Its not some fact everyone needs to accept.

I spent $60 for 90 hours of entertainment.. I've bought games for that price and only played them for a couple hours.. The amount of unique content is basically irelevant, my enjoyment of the game is what counts.

As for some comments about the nature of dlc.. Its a bad argument IMO..

Games are made on a budget.. You get $1m and 2 years to make your game (for example).. If the publisher gives you another $250k and another month to create dlc, then it simply wouldn't exist without that agreement.. Expecting every single possible idea and feature a game could have to be on disk and available st launch for the same price is not realistic.

TM3331451d ago

I just wanna say bubble up! I agree with everything you said. People get way too dramatic. If they don't wanna play, don't buy it and move on. The constant bashing keeps it in the news.

Crazy thing is, there are some really great games out right now, but I can't stop playing Destiny to really enjoy 'em LOL. I've played a little Alien Isolation and loved it, but I keep going back to Destiny. I'm looking forward to the expansion!

AndyScooby1451d ago

I'm 140hrs in really enjoying the game got the ghost edition so had the pass but if I hadn't got the pass i wouldn't think twice bout paying for the dlc seems like I personally will get at least another 20 hrs out of this which to be fair I've paid 54.99 for games that ain't lasted half as long

Volkama1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Of course they're damned, that's what happens when you sell your soul.

mhunterjr1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I'm really not sure how anyone can defend this.

People paid $60 for a game that is shamefully lacking in content. Anyone who's gotten a decent amount of playtime out of it enjoys doing the same thing in the same places, over and over again...

Now they are asking people to pay $20 to access the games story, which was pretty much non existent up to this point.

Oh, and if you're on xbox, your $20 is worth even less.

thekhurg1451d ago

You're getting more strikes, story content, a raid and more crucible maps. That's being added to a game that already has more content than BF or COD has ever had at launch and post-launch.

starrman19851451d ago

BF and Call of Duty are totally different games, you can also play them almost their entire game life without having to buy and DLC (I've done that on 2 or 3 myself) This proposed DLC plan for Destiny is basically pushing people into a corner, either you pay the absurdly expensive price or you pretty much run out of playable content unless you still want to grind the same missions and strikes as before!

mhunterjr1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

You paid $60 for an incomplete game, now they are asking for $20 more in order to get a piece of the story experience that should have been there at launch.

Throw in a couple maps for the woefully unbalanced pvp, and some gear to round out the overly expensive package.

Not to mention that Xbox owners are getting even less value...It's screwed up.
I get that some people don't mind the repetitiveness, but many feel like they were promised the world, and $80 later, still won't have it

thekhurg1451d ago


Neither of you understand how a MMO works. The story for this game will be constantly expanding. The core experience of Destiny offers more than any other online shooter offers at launch.

If you want to continue to experience the evolution of the game then you buy the DLC. It's just like a standard MMO with a subscription. The story is always expanding, new environments, dungeons, raids, etc... are added with each content update. Instead of charging you a monthly fee in Destiny, they're just charging you for content updates (and delivering them more frequently than a standard subscription MMO).

I can't help the fact that this game was released on the wrong platforms to a gaming community that is the most self entitled group of gamers this industry has, but this game is built upon the MMO foundation. This was evident from the reveal of the game. It shouldn't have been a shock when this information was officially unveiled.

mhunterjr1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

BS. Even Bungie will till you the game isn't an MMO. And an MMO player would tell you that the intitially cost of this game doesnt add up to what's been given so far.

What we have is a shared world shooter, with very limited place space and a shallow story.

It's a far cry from the experience they promised when it was revealed. Remember when they said you could explore the roam area seen off the cliff in Russia, that was a lie...

orakle441451d ago

Well said thekhurg.

People pay 15$ a DLC pack for CoD and Battlefield and no one says anything, and get half the content of one $20 Destiny DLC. Regardless if people consider this game a MMO or shooter or whatever you want to call it, Bungie has stated that there is a 10 year plan with this game, everyone knew this. So of course there are going to be numerous DLC packs, and $20 is quite frankly good value for what we are getting.

If people would be reasonable about this and actually put some thought into it, and compared it to any other type of console DLC, you would see it's not a rip-off, at all.

kmeck5181451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )


soo... you're telling me.. That with BF and CoD you played the entire game life (1 year) without buying the DLC and didn't run out of playable content then do the same thing over and over again? Keep in mind that CoD Ghosts campaign length was around 4 hrs worth of content.

Once you get past the 4hr campaign all thats left is multiplayer and extinction. Which if you didn't get any of the DLC you will be playing the same maps over and over and over... and over.

thekhurg1451d ago


No, Bungie said it's not a MMO for subscription purposes.

Takes 15 seconds of understanding the game to realize it's built on the foundation of a MMO.

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wsoutlaw871451d ago

lol that story experience is 3 missions too, so I wouldnt expect much

Rhomiel1451d ago

Alright I have to admit that the story was lacking and that there could have been more content for a game that they advertised as the next coming of Christ, but seriously if 7 million people can dish out 15$/month on World of Warcraft and do the same instance that last 2hrs for a year before getting new content that you also have to pay 40$ to play, why is people bashing Destiny.

mhunterjr1451d ago

People want the game Bungie and Activision described at the reveal. The Destiny we got isn't it. The WoW comparisons will get you nowhere... Destiny isn't WoW. If people wanted WoW, they'd go play WoW.

Rhomiel1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )


I could have used other games as example I was just trying to make a point where we still get great value for 20$.

I'm a WoW player also.

The only point where I'm thinking that this could annoy people is for Europe where they pay 20euro wich is half the price of the game other than that stop whining for 20$ to play more of a great game. If you don't like this game, fine don't play it but stop complaining unless your from Europe or unless you played the DLC already and know that all that content isn't worth it.

3 PVP maps + 2 strikes + 1 raid + 3 story mission is like 1/3 of the end game content wich is where people are at right now so 20$ is less than 1/3 of the price, for me anyway since im from canade and the game cost 69$ here, also I got the guardian edition with the 2DLC for 99$ so thats 15$ for that content.

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