ActionTrip: Alone in the Dark Review

The developers deserve praise for moving slightly beyond the constraints of the genre. Overall, the gameplay mechanics are enjoyable, as is the cool combat system. Although as much as ActionTrip would like to overlook certain downsides here, ultimately, it feels like Alone in the Dark could've amounted to a greater single-player experience if its makers made a few different choices in terms of design and if they found more time to fix a number of issues they noticed in the Xbox 360 version.

If you're willing to overlook these, there's no doubt that AitD can deliver what you expect of it - a challenging survival horror game, with a reasonably interesting plot to keep you going until you've finished the last Episode.

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STREET x KING4740d ago

i expected this game to be a let down

Boldy4740d ago

Right when I thought the reviews were getting better, then I stumbled on IGN's.

marionz4740d ago

oh well bring on alan wake surely thats got to be better then this?