After An Extensive Recovery, Satoru Iwata Returns To Nintendo

8BitChimp says, "This morning, the world learned of Nintendo’s upbeat second quarter financials, where they finally reported a profit after some time. Another bit of positive news concerns the company’s president, Satoru Iwata. "

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Metallox1453d ago

Thank goodness, hopefully we can get classic Directs again.

MSBAUSTX1453d ago

I really do like this guy and I am very happy he is doing better and stays healthy.

AJBACK2FRAG1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Welcome back boss!!! Satoru Iwata is the man!!!! Now what about Gumpei Yokoi's idea of lateral thinking with withered technology in relation to Wii and Wii U development? It seems like you guys were thinking alot about just that. What I'm really getting at is is the U in Wii U a tribute to the master and his first toy invention at Nintendo the Ultra Hand?????? Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
It's my opinion that master Gumpei Yokoi's idea of lateral thinking with withered technology has never been more relevant than today. Years after his demise! He believed that using older technology with new innovations could create RADICAL NEW GAMEPLAY IDEAS and that utilizing cutting edge technology could actually HINDER GAME DEVELOPMENT!!!! Sound familiar??? In my opinion that would describe the eighth generation of home video video game consoles completely!!!!!
Until you tell me different the big old U in Wii U is Gumpei Yokoi's U and makes me like the name of Nintendo's latest home video game console!!!! You know I think I'll actually read the article for once brb!!!!

AJBACK2FRAG1453d ago

Hey! I'm just offering up a few opinions!

N4g_null1452d ago

Great points. Vr is coming yet samsung is proving that 4k and head gear create a great vr setup. I think nintendo is going to stay with the window into vr method. I like the logic of the u name. Sounds cool to me. Could the power glove make a comeback? Sure the tech is so so cheap these days. Even the new 3ds has the tech h to get it done. Yet Nintendo wants to leave the wearable to the big spenders.

I see the game pads getting a major upgrade and redesign. The old gamepad will get a pak to go on the back possibly. 2ds will become the new gamepad possibly.

It all would be very interesting. You have to ask though is wireless monitor and 3d screen withered tech yet? AR and point tracking withered tech yet?

I love how hd is now withered tech because of uhd tvs or 4ks. Now hd can be used for 8 player smash bros!

Interesting points and some nice dot connecting.

-Foxtrot1453d ago

Couldn't he of just retired early if he has health problems. It would benefit the company more.

The guy has become an anchor to Nintendo...always holding them down in one place as they slowly move forward.

FullmetalRoyale1453d ago

That's respectful.

OT: Good for him, and more importantly, his family. Glad to hear he is strong enough to come back!

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1453d ago

adang you already adding pressure back

mydyingparadiselost1453d ago

Retiring because you have a non cancerous growth doesn't help with the growth, nor does it mean doing your job is going to make more growths.
As for being an anchor, that's a mixed bag. I'm glad Nintendo isn't like the other two companies, rolling out massive amounts of DLC, making you pay for online access, releasing unfinished and bug filled projects, etc.
Should Nintendo be pushing harder to keep with the others in the technology aspect? Sure. Was the WiiU launch less than spectacular? Yea. But an anchor that's holding them back, I don't think so. More like an anchor that's keeping them steady until they know what direction they should be going in.

N4g_null1452d ago

I guess foxtrot only sees sales. I would argue those sales have exposed sony to their main flaw. Sony can not produce quality like Nintendo. The same problem hit the major casual game producers. Pop cap and zymba whatever are really dead Right now. The true reason why people leave things that lack quality is they suddenly learn they no longer like what they are doing. It doesn't bring them joy. The excitement dies after a while. I'm sure the wii sold off the excitement of being new and different. Sony is selling their console off hey look we go you a cheap pc like box that plays 3rd party games. The power talk will be marginalized by 3rd parties not making good game play with it.

If Iwata simply followed the other two. What alternative would gamers have to play quality games. Sure I love graphics but I love great games more. A really small number of 3rd parties have what it takes to make good gameplay. The rest are hiding behind graphics. Nintendo would have fallen victim to the hd jump if they had not fixed their engines and game play for 3d. I really really did not like the ngc era. Horrible frame rate and lack of polish game design. Yet the wii cleaned all of that up. Now out of all the engine makers nintendo has the best game play ip. Now they can move onward to better graphics.

shaw981452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

You complain way too much.

-Foxtrot1452d ago

It's N4G...who doesn't complain

Thanks for being off topic though

randomass1711452d ago

@-Foxtrot This has to be the most tactless thing you've said yet.

-Foxtrot1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Thanks though I'll stay classy


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Snookies121453d ago

I would somewhat prefer he be replaced by someone with a little more forward thinking. However, I am glad to hear he's doing better. I hope he stays well!

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