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Does Evolution Studios’ latest racing departure on the Playstation 4 burnout or cross the finish line in-tact?

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MrChicagoWind1450d ago

The fact that you can't drive off the track for more than 3 seconds makes me question how many corners Evolution Studios cut in the making of this game. It could be cool if it was open world and had wider, more accessible tracks.

Bottom line, the handling and A.I. are not up to par considering the few options they offered. If those 2 things were impeccable, this game would be passable. As of now, it just plays like a rough draft of a game.

JimmyP1445d ago

Ya the invisible walls are a real frustration. Any racing game these days, let alone a next-gen one, should NOT have rubber-band AI or invisible walls. Hopefully it's the platform for an improved sequel.