8 Scariest Games Ever Made

Turn off the lights, turn up the volume, grab your teddy, and brace yourselves for the most frightening titles to hit our consoles and PCs over the years…

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AgentSmithPS41501d ago

What kind of teddy do we grab?

I don't consider Doom 3 to be scary, except for that one time the big spider coming down made me jump.

himdeel1501d ago

No Siren BC = broken list

iDadio1501d ago

Some good entries on the list like FEAR and Suffering, didn't personally think Doom 3 was that scary or jumpy but maybe I'm just 'ard

FrostyZipper1501d ago

Doom 3 and Dead Space were, to me, more tense than scary. There were things in the dark, and I had to locate, identify, and destroy those things before they jumped out and took a huge chunk of my health off. The Resident Evil series has always been more campy than scary to me but that's just me. FEAR and Silent Hill though, were pretty creepy, the latter more than the former.