Dying Light - Slaughterhouse Cleaver Mod Gameplay

Slaughterhouse Cleaver Mod Gameplay of Dying Light.

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1476d ago
Sir_Simba1476d ago

the push the date back, good for them
they announced a while back they were gonna release in February 2015 which was....well you know the month of the witcher, bloodborne, the order 1886 and some more which I think they would not survive.

spence524901476d ago

So glad they were able to make the game they really wanted to since they were restricted with Dead Island. Will be very interesting to see how the new Dead Island compares to this. Right now Dyling Light is a day one pick up for me, I hated the first Dead Island but I will wait for more info on the new one.

nucky641476d ago

I'm looking forward to this one - can't be day1 for me because of bloodborne but i'll be getting it.