PS4 Exclusive The Tomorrow Children's Alpha Test Delayed in Japan

The PS4 alpha test of the beautiful PS4 exclusive The Tomorrow Children was supposed to start tomorrow in Japan, at the same time as the North American alpha. Unfortunately Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia announced that the testing has been delayed.


The delay involves North America as well.

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Bigpappy1503d ago

Why are so many things delayed for PS4. Once that happens you keep reading about what ever is delayed for months and that kill hype. Anticlimax

JimmyDM901503d ago

I feel like game sites are pouncing on every opportunity to report something negative about PS4 because it draws a flame war in the comments and high click counts. Game alpha delayed in Japan. How does that affect the 99.9% of your readers who aren't in Japan? It's not a story but it is flame bait. Ugh.

ThunderPulse1503d ago

Xbone couldn't run this game in 240p on lowest setting.