The Order: 1886 PS4 Demo Is an "Ancient" Build, Dev "Can't Wait" to Show More;Gets Epic Booth at PGW

The Order: 1886‘s current show floor demo has been shown at basically every event since E3, and even earlier during a quick livestream on Twitch. While impressive, many are surprised that Sony hasn’t pulled a new demo out of its collective hat since.

Andrea Pessino admits that it's an "ancient" build, and mentions that he "can't wait" to show more. In the meanwhile the game got a really epic booth at Paris Games Week.

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-Foxtrot1453d ago

They need to show a new level at the VGA's which is really show people it's not just a corridor shooter.

GarrusVakarian1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

A game being linear isn't the problem imo, it all comes down to if the experience is fun, be it a linear experience or an open one. Look at Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us, two linear games, yet they're too of the most critically acclaimed games ever made and loved by millions.

I don't think The Order will be too open, and personally I don't really care, I enjoy both linear and open games and think they both have a rightful place in this industry. All I want is for the game to be enjoyable.

nX1453d ago

Yep, just let these guys do their thing. It's their first own major release and there are some very smart people working at RAD, I have full confidence in that they know what they do.

Nonetheless, it's good to see them finally comment on that "ancient" build people were bashing all the time. It felt like the media had already decided to hate this game.

Jughead34161453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

@Bloodborn - I think you are so right when you say that it seems the media has already decided to hate the game. I actually think this happens for a lot of games. Despite how good a game may be at release, there's sometimes a pre-determined fate or judgement by the media. It almost seems political sometimes. It's cool though. For me, I've been playing games long enough to know what I like and what I don't like. And I will surely be picking this up day 1

thekhurg1453d ago

Agreed. Even Gears of War was linear and just an incredible experience from beginning to end.

I have high expectations for The Order - hope they don't fail to deliver a quality single player experience.

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Dark111453d ago

But the game IS just a corridor shooter.

S2Killinit1453d ago

"just" is the word I have a problem with. So is Gears of War "just" a corridor shooter, it didn't stop people swearing by it. This game is going to impress, whether some people like it or not. In fact, the very fact that some people try to bash it, is indicative of its potential. I for one can't wait to play this. I just know they are going to deliver.

Dannycr1453d ago

I have been critizicing this game ever since I played it at E3, specifically because of what you just said.

They INDEED need to show something else and something different. Different mechanics as well. Something that tells me that the game is not just run and gun from A to B.

Just because I found fault on the game doesn't mean that I somehow want it to fail, on the contrary, I want it to make me have to buy it. I want more games, not less.

user56695101453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

The story sounds good. Hopefully they listened to the criticism because to me the game looked boring dull and lifeless. It may had much to do with the pacing and ai. I hope we see some that different and wow us next reveal

The hype just started dying down. It was mostly because gfx like most games. Ever since the reveal constant hype and gloating how this was gonna be the greatest game ever. Don't deny it. I think reality hit peopl when they started to see these pretty games that have been release and some not so pretty are average and subpar

medman1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I don't need to see anything but what they've already shown...I've been sold. The atmosphere, time period, location, lycans, weaponry, visuals...sold, sold, sold, sold, sold, and sold. Bloodborne, The Order, and The Witcher in February? Sold again. Have you seen the moustaches?? My goodness....if I could grow a womb broom that strong I wouldn't need a enemies would faint in admiration.

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GarrusVakarian1453d ago

Glad to hear it. Hopefully they show off some of the new areas that we saw in the Gamescom trailer. The gunplay looks improved in that build too.

Here's hoping that showing the same old section over and over again didn't hurt the perception of this game too much, and that the new demo changes people's views. I personally want to see the metal-bending puzzles that they were talking about months ago.

Forn1453d ago

I expect it will have a new build showing at Playstation Experience.

ThinkThink1453d ago

I really hope so. This is the game that's hopefully going to get me to pick up a PS4.

PS4theplayers1453d ago

Can't wait to see open areas.

Mr_Writer851453d ago

The more I see of this the less excited I get.

I fear it won't live up to the hype. I don't think it will be a bad game, just not as good as it could be.

Probably why I'm more excited for Bloodborne.

FanMan1453d ago

i do not understand when people say this game wont live up to the hype. since when did this game have all that much hype?? early previews of the game have been very critical and did not have that many good things to say. I feel like for a game to be hyped, it needs to hyped by the media as well as gamers, and i just have not seen that.

memots1453d ago


In this case its been the very opposite the game has been downplayed at every turn, trolled and already people are saying that it will get a 6 on their review.

Its cool to hate.

nucky641453d ago

agreed. all people do is rip it. I'm looking forward to it for several reasons: setting, atmosphere, weapons and enemies. also like they're going to be incorporating real people from history into the game....that's cool.

but hype? this game hasn't had that.


i feel ya. alot of potential though. delay wouldnt bother me cause other titles i acually feel confident in are in that release window

OB1Biker1453d ago

Actually a few demo playthrough I saw were not very good but a couple of them that were not half arsed played got me excited. Also I selfishly hope they dont show too much as I dont want too many spoilers XD

Mr_Writer851453d ago

Sorry I didn't make myself clear, there are some people (not the press) who seem to think this game will be the bees knees.

I still want to play this game and I will do as I don't tend to trust reviews.

Spotie1453d ago

What do you mean the more you see, though? Outside of that same old demo, how much more has been shown that could quell your excitement?

That's what I don't get: all these people- mostly Xbox fanboys- decrying the game with every new article, as if these new articles are covering new material.

They're not.

Why condemn a game based on that, knowing it's had to change in all that time?

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