YouTube Finally Supports 60FPS, And It Looks Awesome

Jason Schreier: Earlier this year, YouTube announced plans to support videos running at 60 frames-per-second—plans that would make a huge difference for footage of video games. Today, the video network has finally started rolling out the new service, and you can already tell that this is going to be wonderful.

You need Google Chrome to watch YouTube videos at 60FPS, and you need to watch them in HD, but my god, they look goddamn phenomenal.

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nX1547d ago

Nice, a new era begins now. Too bad I'm using Firefox, don't wanna switch just for that :/

darthv721547d ago

agreed. Firefox is my preferred browser. Chrome...not so much. so I will forgo the improved video stream to retain my browser security.

for the most part i watch YT vids on my phone anyway but when at the PC...i watch them in FF.

inveni01546d ago

Chrome destroys Firefox. I used to swear by Firefox. In fact, I'd been with it exclusively since the first generation. But I switched a couple years ago because the two years prior had been miserable. I found myself often switching to Chrome because of this bug or that bug, and I finally said, "Looks like they aren't fixing it. Time to make the switch for good." And I haven't looked back.

camel_toad1547d ago

Same here but hopefully Mozilla will get to be part of the 60 fps party soon.

hkgamer1547d ago

not being an ass. just surprised that people still use firefox.

i havent heard or seen anyone use firefox since chrome came out.

nix1547d ago

true.. FireFox was my go to browser but it started hanging.. loading would take forever.. since then i've moved to chrome. that was back couple of years ago.

nX1547d ago

I spent a year or so with Chrome and went straight back to Firefox when all the concerns about Google's datamining came out :)
Also, Chrome is pretty limited compared to Firefox + extensions.

PabloMustasch1547d ago

The fantastic Ad-blocker extension on Firefox keeps me with them,

any annoying adds are just a right click away from never been seen again

Information Minister1547d ago

If you're referring to Ad-Block Plus, that extension is available in Chrome too.

Firefox was my browser of choice for years, until Mozilla decided to downgrade the user interface with version 29. Then I figured "if it looks like I'm using Google Chrome, might as well use Google Chrome", which in my experience turned out to be faster and more stable than Firefox. It also has its little perks like not needing a stand-alone flash plugin installation and now 60fps Youtube videos. I don't think I'll be switching from Chrome to another browser in the foreseeable future.

Firefox is superior if you're concerned with privacy, but if that's your main concern, there are better choices than Firefox.

SilentNegotiator1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

It's one of like, the top 3 web browsers, so I'm not sure how you seriously thought no one was using it.

The performance has gotten iffy, but the feature set is second to none and worth waiting a few extra seconds for.

hkgamer1546d ago

nice comments from everyone, i just genuinely didn't know.


name me a few more main stream browsers for windows.

you say top 3, i say the only 3. there are others, but nobody knows them. the way i see it like many others is ie is default browser for windows. if i wanted to download a browser i would download chrome. not saying firefox is bad in anyway, i havent used it in a very long time and i cant judge if its any good. chrome just seems to be the fastest and runs smoothest no matter what spec pc.

would also like to add that the wiiU is one of the top3 of next gen consoles. the psvita is also top2 handheld consoles sold out retail stores.

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user56695101547d ago

I use both Firefox mainly for browsing and reading chrome main for media like videos and music. Gotta multitask

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VGMMDI1547d ago

Need to play some Mario Kart when I get home with the kid now.

Mr Pumblechook1547d ago

Videos look great! But is there any label on the resolution switch so you are told if it is 60fps?

VGMMDI1547d ago

From what my eyes tell me it would be when you hit the HD settings.

Mr Pumblechook1547d ago

@VGMMDI. Cheers! I can see that in these example videos. But I'm just wondering for videos that are 1080p 30fps and 1080p 60fps will YouTube have some kind of marker.

VGMMDI1547d ago

Good question and I'm not sure, but they are probably working on that as we speak or they might have it already set up. Who knows ; )

HatsuneMikuDes1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Not a day too soon, as always.

Dark111547d ago

But it's not cinematic enough!


Software_Lover1547d ago

Chrome......... ewwwwwww.

I stay far far away from that as possible. I watched it download malware some years ago on my PC. Just sat there and watched popup after popup. 1st impressions are everything.

Summons751547d ago

Sure you weren't using Firefox or Internet Explorer? I've never once had a problem with Chrome and I don't think I've met a single person on or offline who doesn't like it. Good troll attempt though.

Software_Lover1547d ago

why is everything a troll attempt with you people just because it doesn't agree with your personal stance?

When Chrome first came out I installed it. I used it for about 2 days. On the second day, I SAT THERE AND WATCHED POPUPS GALORE COME UP ON MY PC!!! I'm pretty good with PC's. I somehow got highjack malware. I took my drive out. Scanned it with my gaming pc. Removed all entries. Then once I was able to get my pc started, I uninstalled Chrome and scanned the drive again. Kept using firefox and its add-ons and no problems since.

Not saying it isn't good now, I just stay away from it.

darthv721547d ago

This is not a troll attempt but i can concurr with the issue of chrome and malware and even ransomware.

No browser is 100% safe but there are some that have a higher level of security or always ahead of the curve. opera isnt bad but FF has been much more solid with IE11 right behind.

Chrome, i have seen the google redirect virus as well as cryptolocker variants find their way onto a users PC through chrome more so than any other browser.

To each their own i guess but seeing as google owns youtube then it makes sense they would make it run the best via their own browser.

360ICE1547d ago

I have been using Chrome since it came out and have never had any problems with pop-ups. If Chrome's own pop-up blocker isn't doing it for you, there's always third party software, I guess.

A first impression is really just one impression.

Software_Lover1547d ago

Great. I'm happy for you. Doesn't change what happened to me. A web browser is just a web browser and I'm happy with what I use now.

360ICE1547d ago

For what it's worth, I can see why some people prefer Firefox. I just thought I'd put your mind at ease in regards to the scariness of Chrome.

TKCMuzzer1547d ago

Years ago? Chrome has improved so much since then. I have a chromebook and adblock plus, not a pop up in sight (there were not really any to begin with) Youtube runs like a dream, way better than my laptop

OB1Biker1547d ago

I actually had some bad experience with FF and I went to Chrome. Very happy with it I feel like its so much better but yea probably everyone their own

swize1547d ago

nothing wrong with chrome now FYI . Its not the end of the world if you switch from Firefox . Its basically the same thing .

Kidmyst1546d ago

I had the same too, it's very hidden in Chromes install and you have to watch for it and uncheck the right box to not install Conduit. I got popups saying powered by Conduit (forget the name) and I researched and found it installed with Chrome. After uninstalling everything it kept re-installing itself. So I finally stopped it, then re-installed chrome and saw the box, so unchecked what I needed to and now no Conduit crap since.

Back-to-Back1546d ago

Malware? You're an idiot.

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