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"Sunset Overdrive’s take on the apocalypse is rather unique, as the game is introducing us in an insane world, where people are transforming into monsters after drinking OverCharge. And when regular people drink the poisonous energy drink, they become OD, a some sort of OverCharge addicted zombies."

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Torque_CS_Lewith1547d ago

Nothing to see here. Just a game getting great reviews for the one thing that matters most, gameplay.

So glad we got an incredible Insomniac game in place of losing Bungie exclusivity!

u got owned1547d ago

Gameplay over everything else, although i must say the game looks great.

aviator1891547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I agree.
The visual style in SO is striking and popping. I love it. Wish more games did this.
Have you noticed that some buildings with glass have a pretty wicked reflection of the skybox in real-time? I thought that was a pretty nice touch.

Fizzgig1547d ago

So many great games, so little money :(

aviator1891547d ago

I'm with you on that.
Still got Halo mcc, Ori, and Dragon Age to get through. My wallet is going to bleed dry.

GearSkiN1547d ago

Here's what I got forza horizon 2 last week, this week SSOD, cod next week for ps4 then got my master chief already pre loaded!

funny I've had the banner I created SSOD now I'm using it as a game term lol.