VGChartz: UK Weekly, 18th October 2014

UK numbers for October 18th in the link, go to the home page for worldwide numbers

UK Hardware Numbers:
PS4 - 22,109 (-11%) - 1,185,790
XOne - 13,472 (-1%) - 774,063
3DS - 10,860 (+10%) - 2,467,006
X360 - 3,826 (-0%) - 8,933,534
WiiU - 3,332 (+37%) - 356,359
PS3 - 3,116 (-2%) - 5,953,122
PSV - 1,036 (+22%) - 497,632
Wii - 287 (+33%) - 8,645,265

US Hardware Numbers:
PS4 - 88,059 (+8%) - 4,751,896
XOne - 58,717 - (+20%) - 3,617,954
3DS - 37,834 - (+1%) - 12,991,156
WiiU - 19,846 - (+19%) - 2,918,443
X360 - 16,308 - (+19%) - 43,658,219
PS3 - 8,289 - (+19%) - 26,313,675
Wii - 3,103 - (+21%) - 41,590,920
PSV - 2,158 - (-2%) - 1,853,757

Global Hardware Numbers: NA - EU - JP - Total
PS4 - 96,756 - 127,262 - 7,546 - 287,962
3DS - 41,113 - 50,879 - 114,769 - 218,443
XOne - 64,242 - 37,141 - 709 - 127,423
PS3 - 9,276 - 22,388 - 4,535 - 45,923
WiiU - 21,808 - 15,522 - 4,638 - 45,795
X360 - 18,281 - 10,226 - 89 - 33,319
PSV - 2,260 - 7,070 - 9,737 - 22,609
Wii - 3,359 - 3,701 - 83 - 8,011

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BDSE3260d ago

Another load of old cobblers from VG Charts, I don't know why people insist on taking them seriously.

ABizzel13260d ago

No one takes their numbers as gospel, it's just a source that gave give us a range or perspective of where each console should potentially be in sales.

Nothing more.

BDSE3260d ago

The perspective they peddle is nonsense though, the guy that runs it is an XBOX fanboy who is banned from NeoGaf and consistently under-reports PlayStation and over-reports XBOX numbers as part of a damage limitation exercise.

And yes, lots of people are taken in by it and take it seriously as the number of disagrees that I will get on the comment you responded to will prove.

SpringHeeledJack3259d ago

Like always add more numbers to the ps4 and knock off alot of the xbox sales numbers and you have there or about the correct numbers. But yeh the site is kinda pointless and they seem to get numbers that the retailers themselves don't have in the UK.

G20WLY3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Abizzel1, why does the title only say UK numbers if it's actually US and global too? Shouldn't that be amended?

I agree though, we all know the numbers will be inaccurate, but we have nothing else to go by until a competitor site comes along. Hopefully a better, less biased one, more consistent in it's approach...

Until then, we'll have to make do, sadly. All we can glean is that PS4 is selling considerably more than Xbox.

NoDucks3259d ago


Strange because it got taken over and the new guy is an epic PS4 fanboy. Just read some of the crap he posts

born_naughty3258d ago

@ABizzel1 Sony reported they shipped 14m consoles. 12 million sold sounds right to me.

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uth113260d ago

if they use a consistent methodology, it's at least useful for trends.

besides, what other data do we have?

BDSE3259d ago

Pulling numbers out of your ass is a methodology now?

SoapShoes3259d ago

We have official numbers which are more accurate.

uth113259d ago

What official numbers do we have besides the NPD? (US only and not public unless leaked)

TheWatercooler3259d ago

Due to VGchartz constantly under tracking PS4 and over tracking xbone, what we can gleam from this is that PS4 is selling at least 2 to 1 in UK also.

PS4 is just dominating everywhere. It must be getting embarrassing for Microsoft. This is showing with all the prices cuts and give away's they are doing

GribbleGrunger3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

We don't take them seriously. They've still got the PS4 undertracked by over 200k, but they're all we've got for discussions sake until Sony announce their official numbers.

Magicite3259d ago

PS4 is on its way to double X1 numbers and to surpass 3DS.

Muzikguy3259d ago

When are official numbers out? These are hilarious, probably so far off as usual

Funantic13259d ago

Actually I don't trust NPD either. All those type of companies have indescrepencies. So VGChartz is just as good as those.

BDSE3259d ago

No, no it's really not. NPD at least has a methodology to their estimates.

BlackWolf123259d ago

Well, compare their numbers to actual sales numbers from NPD or the manufacturers, they are usually around 90% accurate. Which is more than enough for us to take notice of them.

Loadedklip3258d ago

So why post the first comment on it? All you are doing is making this into a hot article.

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ABizzel13260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

I think I might do US and UK numbers, because they seem to be the only interesting battle that goes on where the PS4 isn't flatout winning (I'll leave JP to media crate postings).

PS4: Back on top again thanks to.....The Evil Within???? Strangely VGChartz updated their PS4 and XBO numbers from last week to higher sales (confirms that they do adjust their numbers). If true the PS4 is now consistently at just under 300k units per week, so more power to Sony and the PS4. The holidays should be amazing for them.

3DS: Sales are starting average out in JP since the release of the New 3DS, but I'm sure it'll take 1 or 2 more weeks before things are to a more consistent average, but by then the holiday sales will be here, so expect 3DS to ride out the rest of the year on a high note.

XBO: The underdog story IMO. Just like the PS4 sales from last week were updated putting the XBO at over 117k units up from the prior 80k they had posted. If true that means the XBO is actually selling around where I had originally thought it would be. Which is a good position for them to be in heading into the holiday season. I'd like to take a moment and talk about XBO. I think the US price drop for November is a great idea and one I said they should have done many times before it happened. Now looking at the sales in each region they need to expand this kind of promotion across North America and in the UK. Simply put these are the only regions where the XBO is putting up a admirable fight against the PS4, and if they can at least stay close to parity in sales with the PS4 then that should be around 50 million in sales alone easy. MS doesn't look like it's going to win, but it can still maintain some of it's momentum if they focus on trying to win those 2 markets and hard. November NPD should be exciting and telling.

PS3: Keeps trucking along, and might win EU for the last-gen consoles by th eend of this year.

Wii U: It really needs Smash which should cause sales to at least quadruple if not more (considering it's the holiday season). After that they need to make sure they have a real price drop (not temporary) in early 2015 (no later than March or April), or the XBO will pass them in 2015.

360: Still chugging along as well.

PSV: I don't know if PSTV sales are included in this number for the US, but if they are then it's a wrap for the Vita, which is sad and unfortunate. PSTV launched on the 14th, so it should be included in the US numbers, but considering they're pretty much identical to last weeks numbers I don't think they're included.

Wii: It was a good run.

BDSE3260d ago

"Strangely VGChartz updated their PS4 and XBO numbers from last week to higher sales."

It's not strange, they make the numbers up and then when the real numbers are released they go back and revise the made up numbers they posted from previous weeks.

It's a fantasy site with zero credibility.

Kayant3260d ago

Yep should be funny to see how they do without the leaks from neogaf now in relation to NPD. UK numbers are completely made up anyways because no one leaks hardware numbers expect MCVUK with it's rare percentage increase leaks. Japan numbers are gotten from media create/Famitsu data.

MrSwankSinatra3260d ago

Dude no offense, but do you honestly have to reiterate every time that "it was good run" for the wii? Everyone knows that the Wii is pretty much over.

ABizzel13260d ago


Would you rather I not post anything. What else is there to say.

ThatOneGuyThere3259d ago


I think that's what he's saying, yes.

bleedsoe9mm3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

the numbers that fascinate me are for games like fifa and madden , and how many consumers are still buying them for ps3 and 360 , this fight is now about them not about the hardcaore guy that buys everything ps4 has already got him . its now a desperate fight for ms to keep the cod and madden player . if amazon sales are any indication allot of people are buying that cod bundle .

hkgamer3259d ago

i know people dont really like using vgchartz.

but i just wondered why they dont actually display rest of the world numbers in a seperate category? i mean they include those in the total numbers but dont even bother displaying it. is it because they dont have a proper way of tracking it?

ps4 RoW - 55k+
xbone RoW - 25k+

pretty decent numbers in my opinion.

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Paprika3259d ago

Vgchartz is a guesstimate or do they follow an official source or leak? I'm guessing the latter, otherwise we would follow the official source.

But, its always good to see a rough guideline of what's going on. I can't wait to see how this holiday season goes down. Will ps4 continue to dominate or will Microsoft's recent turn out of pulling all the right moves claim an end of year victory going into a fresh Q1 for 2015!

LAWSON723259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

These are certainly interesting, particularly the 20% jump for Xbone in US. I think Xbone is going to close that 1M gap (NA) over this holiday season. Of course this is judging by the VGChartz numbers ...

It had a 20% jump before any bundle launched,the price drop, Halo, CoD and Sunset Overdrive. I expect big numbers at the end of November, if not it maybe safe to assume it will remain behind the PS4 in NA for a very long time. IMO this not a huge deal and first place is not necessary to be successful, but clearly MS wants to be ahead.