The Outerhaven reviews Sunset Overdrive for the Xbox One

If this isn't a reason to pick up an Xbox One now, then I don't what else is. Sunset Overdrive is the game to rock out, blow up stuff and smile while doing it.

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Torque_CS_Lewith1547d ago

To borrow a line from another xbox fan here; And another one!

AngelicIceDiamond1547d ago

This game is a technically amazing. Playing with 7 other players with all the mayhem like numerous explosions effects happening all while loads of Zombies on screen and yet the game still holds its frames.

I dunno if its just the stable frames or its MS cloud servers is what keeps things smooth either way this game works damn near flawless.

I'd say this game lived up to the teaser trailer Insomniac showed off a year ago.

Naga1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Agreed. The game is a technical marvel.

I was completely incredulous when I originally saw the initial CGI teaser, but somehow Insomniac has managed to deliver on that promise. It's like a Pixar film on crack.

Bigpappy1547d ago

Xbox One is so full of WIN right now. Reminds me of Barry Bonds last couple year when they kept walking him. But as soon as a pitcher got brave enough to try to put the ball anywhere near him, he knocked it out of the stadium.

Hmm. Maybe they should check X1 for steroids. You never know.

1547d ago
kalimero71547d ago

good score! ATM 82 on metacritic. it should drop to 81 after few more reviews

No_Limit1547d ago

And if it drop, will you be happy then? You fit in just fine here, new recruit. I see 10 bubble in your future. LOL

WeAreLegion1547d ago

Ignore him. What's the point of creating an account just to troll? I hate that crap.

iDadio1547d ago

Been on 3 bubbles forever, don't suck up enough to get more but don't troll enough to lose some.

OT: It made me pre order one last month and chuffed that it's getting good reviews, this and mcc to tie me over to end if year

bleedsoe9mm1547d ago

@iDadio just say a few bad things about sony , even if you believe them , you'll lose those bubbles in no time .

Pogmathoin1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

You do not even have to say something bad about Sony, just being nice about MS is enough to make peoples blood boil here..... Stupid.... But its allowed. Many people will agree with you and buble you up, but you will never go up. Repeat the same negative stuff about MS for an entire year and you will have 10 bubbles.....

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u got owned1547d ago

Im gonna go ahead and say this game could be GOTY contender. Its just too good. Kudos to Insomniac Studios for taking the risk and creating this gem.

Kingdomcome2471547d ago

Do user reviews count towards the aggregate? I saw someone give it a 0. Sure, everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but I c'mon. That's ridiculous. Even E.T. on Atari isn't a 0 lol.

No_Limit1547d ago

Where is NewMonday and his posse that were on the 2-3 "7s" and below scores for this game? I haven't seen them on any of the 30 plus great score reviews for SSOD.

On Topic, the score is real. This game reminds me of when I first played Jet Set Radio on Dreamcast. Unique, quirky, and above all else, Fun. Glad reviewers and gamers are feeling the same way.

gangsta_red1547d ago

Where's Lukas and Oreo telling people to not talk about anything else or to stop saying congratulations to this game...

followed by...

Getting this game today, going to play the hell out of this come after work. Getting this game and hopefully the Giants winning will make my week complete!

Neoninja1547d ago

This game is freaking awesome! Its so much freaking fun. Insomniac did a great job and you're gonna love it!

On a side note it'll make my day if the Giants freaking lose badly and the Royals become the champs. Only cause I'm a bitter Dodgers fan lol

DJustinUNCHAIND1547d ago

Lukas is still licking his wounds from the verbal smack down we gave him the other day.

And in typical stealth PS troll fashion:

This game kicks all the asses.

Automatic791546d ago

Picked up the game fantastic the 8 player chaos mode is fun.

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants great series and win for them.

IQUITN4G1547d ago

With MC collection arriving next month and the lure of this gorgeous white version of xbox, I could resist no more. And this does look like a lot fun it must be said especially if you like just larking about in a playground sort of way

kalimero71547d ago

if sunset overdrive is great then INFAMOUS is also great because there is only 2 point difference on metacritic.

Software_Lover1547d ago

You can judge a games......... greatness by user remarks about a month to 2 months after release.

Infamous was/is a good game that left most, even people on N4G disappointed. We will see if the same holds true with Sunset Overdrive, which could happen. The only difference is Sunset Overdrive has crazy multiplayer modes so it might skew people a different way.

But yes, Infamous was a good game also.

Revolt131547d ago

Yeah but Sunset is still better ;)

Spid3r61547d ago

But when you play the game it actually is not even close. Graphics pushed the hype for that games since it was never seen..SSOD has much more in the way depth in gameplay mechanics bigger world and multiple factions including multiple type of enemies..Infamous does not have that...Guarantee you if they would both games would have come out at the same time the Metacritic for INFAMOUS would have scored much much lower.

aviator1891547d ago

If you liked infamous, then great. That's all that matters.
You don't need to look at review scores for that.

bleedsoe9mm1547d ago

if your talking about the original infamous , i agree its better than sunset , but second son isn't even close .

UnHoly_One1547d ago

lol yeah keep telling yourself that Kalimero.

lol, wow.

mhunterjr1547d ago

I think infamous benefited from coming out at a time when there were few truly next gen titles to choose from. It played well, and looked great, but in hindsight, it was pretty shallow and lacked replayability. If these two games released simultaneously,I doubt reviewers would have been as high on infamous..

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