Middle-Earth: Shadows Of Mordor Review - AGR

While everybody is grasping for the big AAA games at the end of the year, certain games might be slipping past most peoples radar.

Shadows Of Mordor will probably be one of them. A Lord Of The Rings game that dives from the usual gameplay types that the series has done before and instead goes completely open world.

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Fizzgig1477d ago

Another fantastic game. Love wading in to a big group of enemies and coming out unscathed. Hate wading in to a big group of enemies and finding 3 of them are captains...

Muzikguy1477d ago

How many shadows are there?! I thought there was only one..... /s

I will probably pick this up soon. Lords of the Fallen isn't getting the reception I thought it would so I'm going to get this instead

nikrel1477d ago

LOTF is so hard... i'm new to this type of gameplay & the second boss took me 15ish tries.

It's hard for me, some other people i'm sure it is easy.
Graphics are awesome.

Muzikguy1477d ago

Good call. Looking between the 2 I liked the idea of LotF more. I've played souls games and love those. Reviews make the game sound easier than the Souls ones. Idk... I only have so much time to game! I'd get them all if I had the chance lol

abradley1476d ago

From what I know of LOTF, its a Dark Souls type game so difficulty is a huge part of the game. Some love it others not so much. Looks amazing though.