Alien: Isolation - Inside Sega’s Corporate Lockdown DLC

Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): Sega and Creative Assembly released the first piece of predictably terrifying downloadable content for Alien: Isolation. Corporate Lockdown casts you as a Seegson company man named Ransome, who attempts to sabotage his former colleagues on Sevastopol Station while making off with precious data from the Nostromo flight recorder. He assumes, perhaps stupidly, that there’s a place for him aboard Amanda Ripley’s ship, the Torrens.

Considering Corporate Lockdown takes place within the Alien universe, the odds of Ransome being able to mosey down the seemingly abandoned hallways to safely arrive at the Torrens are pathetically low. The DLC comes with three maps for Survivor Mode, each of which present unique objectives, enemies and generally horrible situations that would make any normal person empty their bowels in terror.

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