10 of the Greatest Zombie Games Ever

Yami from Twinfinite writes: "There will be a clear bias in my choices for this list; I chose the games that hardly scared me. Because fear is the worst thing ever to me and I’d really rather not have it in my life."

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nucky641477d ago

the ones that stand out for me:
zombies ate my neighbors
resident evil 1/2/code veronica
dead nation

I also like the zombies maps on black ops 1/2 - although this was more of a mode than a full game.

darthv721477d ago

Stubs the Zombie is a good honorable mention. house of the dead is my favorite of the rail shooters/light gun games.

And kudos to dead nation...that one is serious FUN!.

nucky641477d ago

forgot about stubs - that's good fun!

miyamoto1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Resident Evil on PlayStation takes the numero uno spot.
RE Code Veronica Dreamcast

RE Darkside Chronicles PS3

House of the Dead Dreamcast

fitfox1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Resident evil outbreak? replace that with Resident evil 2. no Last of Us?

scark921477d ago

They are not zombies in the traditional sense, they are infected.

goldwyncq1476d ago

So is Left 4 Dead. And that's included in the list.

Father__Merrin1477d ago

I just bought dead island franchise pack on steam, that's certainly a great zombie title

Perjoss1477d ago

for those that dont like articles with 1 game on each page...

Resident Evil 4
Burn Zombie Burn
Plants vs. Zombies
Dead Rising
Resident Evil Outbreak
State of Decay
House of the Dead
Left 4 Dead
The Walking Dead

solar1477d ago

where is Zombies Ate My Neighbors!? D:

Matt6661476d ago

FFS RE4 is not zombies, of you want zombies play RE1-CVx. Furthermore RE4 and outbreak where both rubbish in my own opinions for differnt reasons, RE4 was no longer a horror game and outbreak was just rubbish

Gigglefist1477d ago

The only one of these I REALLY have to disagree with is Outbreak. That was a technical mess. REmake is a MUCH better option.

Also, it's very iffy to say RE4 used zombies... Ehhh I don't know. I'll let that slide I spose.

All that matters is that L4D is on here. <3

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