Borderlands 2: The Pre-Sequel! Game Review on Popzara

Larger than a DLC pack, but not quite its own game either; offers little innovation, but overflows with everything that made BL 2 so entertaining.

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Stapleface1453d ago

Bought this yesterday and I've been having a blast with it. Had me up way later than I wanted to be last night but I couldn't put it down. Doesn't change too much from BL2, but that's a good thing IMO. The things that have been added are nice touches. I don't mind the low gravity areas, and I like the characters with their different abilities. Thank goodness for G2A. You can pretty much get the game and the season pass for the price of the game by itself at most retailers. This way, you actually get the whole game, for the normal price.

Lucreto1453d ago

Didn't realise it released on the PS4 and Xbox One. /jk

An easy mistake to make nowadays.

Orbilator1453d ago

How does an article with an obvious wrong categories get approved, a click me title for sure

popzara1453d ago

Hey Guys

Yes, there was a typo in the listing...but you guys approved so fast it couldn't be fixed. Thanks for the support and sorry for the quickie typo. But hey, who wants to bet the game hits next-gen faster than Handsome Jack? :)