Can Xbox One's price really increase in January?

GGG writes about how Microsoft raising the Xbox One's price back up $50 in January when their holiday sale is over could be damaging to the platform and why they should just leave the system at its new price.

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qwerty6761475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

they might. who knows

Microsoft has made its move, now we just need to see what Sony does.

@mrbojingles hmm maybe you're right, Sony might not have to do much. but i think Sony will at least push a cheap bundle or something.

mrbojingles1475d ago

But if Microsoft raised price back to $399 in Jan, would Sony have to do anything really? If they did and MS raised it, Sony would have cut their profit margins for a temp boost and no reason really.

zeee1475d ago

I think MS are trying to salvage some name out of this. They are giving it their best shot just to see if they are able to reach #1 sales position during holidays and pat each other on the back and of course to brag after NPD.

It just goes to show that MS has no long-term vision. Even with the Spencer in the driving seat. It's one thing to do the most obvious (kill Kinect) but it's totally another to have a long term business strategy that will pay off in.... tada... long term!

It will surely have a positive impact at least during the holiday but the holiday season won't last for ever. Then what? What of the 2015? This can't be an annual practice for sure!

choujij1475d ago

It's likely that after this deal expires there will soon be another deal to take it's place.

miyamoto1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures.
- Chloe from Uncharted 2

Did the PS3, 3DS, Wii U went back to its original price after the pre holiday season price drops ?

I thinks Sony is gonna pull a Steve Jobs approach this holiday season and say " We don't ship junk" and "You get what you pay for" stance & will still outsell the Xbox One.

PS4 has done so many impossible feats since launch and that is what its all about.

Xbox One's sales will cosmetic and will barely scratch PS4's massive install base and public trust.

I mean how long will M$ afford to lose millions just to have a wider install base because they already done it with the original Xbox & 360. M$ can outspend Sony 10:1 but what about revenue, profit and income?

Army_of_Darkness1475d ago

The xbone's price drop should be permanent because if it sells a lot for the month of November +December but raised back up in January, who else do you think will buy it now considering that the only reason why it sold more than normal was because it was $50 cheaper??
It's like a double edged sword... And Ms might end up stabbing themselves if they raise the price back up.

donthate1474d ago

Sony wouldn't cut their price. First of all, they are under no pressure to cut price.

If their unit sales is below expectations, and Xbox comes ahead, Sony will attempt to bundle it with retail games or PS+ and keep the $350-360 sale price they have had occasionally.


This is the long term view! MS is ensuring massive adoption without hitting their long term profit margins too much. The more adoption, the more people will be happy with the console and talking about it to their friends.

There has already been a market shift in consumers that own a PS4 either sells it or get a secondary console and talk about their positive experience on places like reddit.

There is no reason why MS couldn't cut the price permanently come January or any time after that as production cost goes down.

If anything, I think MS is showing that they want to win, and will do everything they can to win. There is a huge difference between the Sony in this position, and the MS in this position. MS is just aggressively pulling ahead really fast in the span of 12 months!

This is a well managed division!

TheWatercooler1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )


What a load of drivel you have just typed. It's not surprising coming from you. Your comment history shows what you are all about.

I have had a PS4 since launch and as of yet don't own any other console. I am thoroughly satisfied with it. Will never sell it.

"Microsoft are aggressively pulling ahead" huh?

Pulling ahead where? US? Europe? Maybe you are talking about China where the PS4 hasn't even launched? Or maybe it is your imagination.

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FITgamer1475d ago

They already said the deal from November 2nd-January 3rd. Not a permanent price cut.

mikeslemonade1475d ago

Not possible to raise the price in this market. That would really hurt the sales.

jrshankill1475d ago

I don't believe the price will rise again.

This is a perfect ploy to see if Sony will take the bait and lower their prices too, at a time when the corporation is losing money in other ventures. MS will say this is only for the holiday season to see if Sony will lower the price too.

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AngelicIceDiamond1475d ago

After Jan 3 its back up to 400$ so umm yeah?

mrbojingles1475d ago

The post is about whether Microsoft will really go through with that.

Neonridr1475d ago

I guess it depends on how successful the holidays are... ;)

AngelicIceDiamond1475d ago

Lol yes? I can see a scenario where they could maybe extend it but permanently no because MS just like all companies MS wants top dollar.

SkippyPaccino1474d ago

If Sony keeps the PS4 at 400$ and continue to outsell the Xbox 1 at 350$,Microsoft won't have a choice to keep it at 350$.If they can't outsale the ps4 with a 50$ price advantage, bringing it back to 400$ won't help it out either. I believe it's a tactic used by infomercial "call in the next 2 hours and save an extra 50$"

DanzoSAMA1475d ago

with all this awesome games (MCC, SSOD, FH2, KI session 2, Ori) ya of course.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

If the temporary price drop doesn't get the results that Microsoft wants, I think the price will remain at $349.

ramiuk11475d ago

its pretty desperate though isnt it.

within a year its had £129 price cut in UK and now it even includes the latest game.
so u would add another £40 onto that price cut to giver an accurate price.

it was £429 with no game at launch and now its £299 with a game.

surely MS cant be making nything at that price? unless kinect really did cost £200 to produce like they claimed before launch

BitbyDeath1474d ago

Probably at the point where they'd rather lose money on consoles in order to have more chance at making it back via software.

ramiuk11474d ago

disagrees for stating a fact,gotta love this site

Eonjay1475d ago

I vote no. We know that even at the same price, PS4 dominates, so what motivation do they have to restore the price?

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