Bloodborne Interview With Masaaki Yamagiwa Talks Frame-Rate, Messengers and More

Masaaki Yamagiwa from Sony’s Japan Studio is one of the producers of Bloodborne. Yamagiwa-san was on hand during GameStart 2014 (held in Singapore last October 25 and 26); and the producer took the time to answer several questions in a group interview session. Speaking via a translator, he shared several details regarding the upcoming PS4-exclusive.

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markymark2551547d ago

The messenger element of the game seems pretty cool!

breakpad1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

i hope they retain the non-linearity in enemy-bosses difficulty exactly like Dem Souls where difficult enemies-bosses could appear in the first accessible areas

Blastoise1547d ago

"Additionally, it was confirmed that there would be post-release content or updates for the game but the details of which cannot be revealed at the moment."

Really hoping this game doesn't have a season pass :/

tlougotg1547d ago

Yeah %ucking hate that season pass bs. Publishers just milking %ucking games and using dlc as a guise supposedly benefiting gamers (yeah right keep cutting content to sell later %ssholes!)

JonnyBigBoss1547d ago

I don't get why people are giving them so much crap for 30 FPS. The game looks amazing, and is probably a blast to play.

nucky641547d ago

30 or 60 - it doesn't matter to me. from the vids, the atmosphere is off the charts; the gameplay looks great and I'm liking the no shields and no magic aspects.....not to mention possible links to demon souls??!!
I can't wait to play!!!

GoBySanchez1547d ago

This game is going to be so tight.

- Sanchez

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