Zero Punctuation The Evil Within - As Bad as Bad Horror Games Can Get

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews The Evil Within.

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Mr Logic1452d ago

Lols I can agree. GF rented this yesterday and started playing. Seemed stealthy and then boom let's go somewhere else. Japanese games *sigh*

vishmarx1452d ago

one of the best games this year.
personally it lived up to the hype i had.
also its selling really well(500k+ in japan and us combined and topped charts in eu too, a bit of analysis at neogaf estimated it between 400k-650k since it topped fifa)

so yeah gamers :1 journalists :0

Mr Logic1452d ago

And as a gamer I care about sales because...? I swear people around here throw around sales figures like their livelihood depends on it, it's so bizarre. And if you liked it good for you, we just have different tastes. Nobody is right or wrong.

Scrivlar1452d ago

Absolutely love this game

Muzikguy1452d ago

This game is awesome. I haven't been able to sit and play much so my playtime has been scattered and short with this game. I like it though. It's everything I was looking for, except it could be more scary. That's ok though. Some of these reviews are just sad

Macdaddy711452d ago

I think if sites going to reviews games, first thing the reviewer must like that type of game, cause I've seen guys that didn't like sport games n review them low n bad cause the dumbass didn't know how to play them, same for horror games, you can't be a sport fan or FPS fan and review horror game....n if he think with in is bad as it gets, maybe he should NOT be reviewing games at all!!!!

Mr Logic1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Survival horror is basically his favorite genre fyi.

Edit: You can't disagree with facts folks. You might not agree with his opinions, but survival horror is one of, if not his most favorite genre.

Mugen901452d ago

I can understand why some people hate this game, but I don't have a problem and would actually recommend this game. People keep bringing RE4 into the conversation, this game is completely different. If you go in thinking like RE4 then you won't get past the first stage.

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The story is too old to be commented.